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Ireland is in lockdown level 5 as countries across Europe are taking tough measures to slow the rapid spread of Covid-19

As the number of Covid cases hit record levels in this country, let’s take a look at other restrictions that could be put in place to contain the virus

Heads of Government are meeting today to discuss expanded school closings, which could now remain closed for the rest of January, in which case Ireland would not be the first country to do so

Schools in Germany closed early in mid-December as the situation there worsened. Last night British Prime Minister Boris Johnson closed England for the third time and closed schools to most students to prevent the NHS from increasing Coronavirus infections are overwhelmed

Germany has closed its daycare centers before Christmas amid the spread of the virus While day care centers are currently open to key workers in Ireland, childcare workers have called for clarity on who should be prioritized, and concerns have also been raised about employee return to work as a spiraling fall

There are currently no plans to launch the state program for early childhood care and education (ECCE) until December 11th January restart

The chairman of the Greens, Eamon Ryan, has already stated that the government is considering lowering the existing exercise limit from 5 km to 2 km

Other countries have gone further, however, in the state of South Australia, where outdoor sports and even dog walking were banned due to a Covid-19 outbreak in November

Weddings may currently take place in level 5, but only a maximum of six guests are allowed

However, these rules could be further tightened, as was the case in parts of the UK where wedding ceremonies are not allowed at all, except in exceptional cases where one partner is terminally ill

According to the current Level 5 rules, funerals can have up to 10 mourners. Compared to other countries, this is already a tight number Up to 30 people are allowed in Tier 4 UK countries

However, at the start of the pandemic, some places were pretty harsh and the City of York City Council in the UK decided that funeral services would not be available – only direct cremations

There are a lot of people in the service industry right now because restaurants, cafes and pubs serving food can stay open for takeout, but if the situation gets worse, could they close altogether?

New Zealand took this approach back in April last year and closed the industry completely, despite the fact that at that point in time no joint cases were reported in the country

Construction sites stayed open for the duration of Level 5, even though they were closed when the land was first closed in March

For the most part, this remains the norm across Europe as construction continues across the continent despite Covid-19 outbreaks

As the cases of Covid in France continue to increase, the French government has put in place a curfew that differs in different areas.In some regions, curfew starts at 8 p.m., but in the last few days, certain parts of the country are already from 18 Clock locked

Currently you can meet another person outdoors for some social exercise, but a full cut is another option for the government

Stores such as hardware stores were closed during the initial lockdown in March, April and May last year. However, below level 5, these stores are allowed to open as essential retailers




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