ORLANDO, Fla – UCF hired former Auburn soccer coach Gus Malzahn on Monday and signed a five-year deal for $ 11.5 million contracts and banking with the offensive background and notoriety he brings

Sports director Terry Mohajir called Malzahn a “national brand coach” whose arrival will only help UCF continue to develop into a football school trying to find its way into the establishment. Mohajir, who was also recently hired at UCF, said one of the first calls he made after his job was to see if Malzahn was interested in coaching again

Malzahn was named the UCF’s leading candidate on Sunday, replacing Josh Heupel, who switched to head coach in Tennessee last month

Malzahn, 55, was sacked on December 13 after eight seasons in Auburn.He was 68-35 overall and 39-27 in the SEC game.Malzahn brought the Tigers to the national championship game in his first 2013 season, winning 10 games and entering 2017 at an SEC championship game, but only went 14-12 against SEC opponents in the next three seasons

During his introductory press conference, Malzahn said he had no plans to train in 2021 but when the UCF job opened, he immediately became interested, not only because of the program’s position in the Group of 5, but also because of its emphasis on pace offenses

He and Mohajir also worked briefly together in the state of Arkansas in 2012 before Malzahn went to the Auburn job

Mohajir said of the call to Malzahn to gauge his interest in UCF: “I could feel the fire through the phone”

“This is one of the top 20 coaching jobs in all of college football,” Malzahn said. “When that opportunity came, I was ready. I really believe they’ll get the best Gus Malzahn ever in my career because I was eight weeks Had time to reflect, refresh, assess and get better next time “

Malzahn signed a seven-year $ 49 million deal with Auburn after the 2017 season and owed a $ 21 million buyout when he was fired from school in December, according to the terms of his contract, and received half of that money within 30 days after he canceled on December 13 and will receive the remainder in equal annual installments for the next four years regardless of his contract with UCF

In the Memorandum of Understanding between UCF and Malzahn, if he takes on any position other than college or professional football coach before December 31, 2021, he will owe a $ 7 million buyout, which will drop to $ 5 million if he moves before December departs 31, 2022; $ 3 million if he departs before December 31, 2023; $ 2 million if he departs before December 31, 2024; and $ 500000 if he leaves after December 31, 2024, but before the first regular football game of the 2025 season

Malzahn was only 8-17 against SEC rivals Alabama, Georgia and LSU, but he was also one of the few college football coaches to beat Nick Saban in Alabama.Since the 2013 season began, Saban is 65- 6 against SEC opponents, and three of those losses went to Malzahn

Despite that success against Saban, Malzahn criticized his team’s offensive fights towards the end of his tenure – one of the biggest problems that led to his sacking as UCF ranked No. 2 in the nation’s overall offense in 2020, averaging 5681 yards per game behind rising quarterback star Dillon Gabriel, Auburn ranked # 77, averaging 186 yards less per game

“Sometimes we’ve had some of the most common crimes in college football,” said Malzahn. “Last year we were the least experienced team in our league and that had something to do with it, but I always have a chip on my shoulder and something to prove, we’re definitely going to have a major offense, we’re going to build on what we’ve done here and have succeeded in doing, and we’re going to build on our quarterback, in no doubt that we’re going to be one of the best offenses in all College football will have to be “

Malzahn said he will call the games at UCF and has decided that he will never be without playcalling duties again

Making sure UCF remains a productive offense is obviously a top priority, but UCF is also becoming a New Years Six contender again – and maybe even a college football playoff contender Malzahn knows firsthand what that looks like – UCF defeated their Auburn team in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl to end an undefeated 2017 season and declare themselves national champions

Last season, UCF struggled with a 6-4 mark, well below expectations set by the UCF’s six New Years teams in 2017 and 2018, former sporting director Danny White made it a point to repeatedly go over the Expanding the playoffs to talk about, but he remained determined not to settle for the terms Power 5 teams offered when planning non-conferences

Malzahn and Mohajir signaled a departure from this philosophy, repeatedly saying that there is a way for UCF to get into the top 4 as an undefeated team. One way is to plan and agree to the top 10 opponents without conferences hitting When Mohajir was hired, he said he was open to Florida planning if the opportunity presents itself

“I’ll play in the parking lot,” said Malzahn. “Terry can decide whether we play at home or on the go I just want to play her and I want to hit her””

“We’re going to do everything in our power to give our boys the opportunity to do that and I firmly believe we’ll be in the top four in no time””

Kent State coach Sean Lewis was also among those considered for the UCF job, according to sources

Gus Malzahn

World news – USA – Malzahn signs up for the ‘Top 20 coaching job’ at UCF

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