If I had known Biden was open to’ bans’ as he now states what is historically unprecedented in a pandemic and a horrific practice that will never end because the elites love it I would never have voted for him

Great segment from liberal feminist writer &, former Bill Clinton advisor @naomirwolf, on the importance of fighting COVID fascism: “Nowhere in the constitution does it say that ‘all of this’ can be suspended if there is one bad disease gives “Why isn’t more of it coming from liberals? ImageTwittercom / tsve96FSXr

Naomi Wolf

World news – USA – Naomi Wolf warns: USA is swiftly under the guise of a real medical pandemic in a coup, a police state

Source: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/02/23/naomi_wolf_warns_usa_rapidly_moving_into_a_coup_situation_a_police_state_under_the_guise_of_a_real_medical_pandemic.html