Arsene Wenger has explained what Jack Grealish is the “master” of and picked out the key difference between the Aston Villa star and Phil Foden.

Grealish has scored six goals and created ten assists to fire Villa to eighth place in the table, while Foden is now a key player for table-toppers Manchester City after six goals and three assists this season.

“Grealish is a master at playing both slowly and quickly,” Wenger told beIN SPORT. “He can dribble, has composure and is very creative with his passing.

Grealish has been strongly linked with a move to the likes of Manchester United in the past.

And at a recent Financial Times Business of Football summit, his agent Jonathan Barnett explained what is likely to happen in Grealish’s future.

He said: “For a young boy it’s (important) to play for a club that will give him games, look after his development and help him to get to whatever standard he can get to. That’s the most important thing.

“If he goes to a club where there are people in his position and he can’t get games, you are stifling his career. It’s not just my responsibility, but I will advise him on where he can go.

“At later stages in his life I think money does become important so the criteria changes during his career.

“Timing is crucial, absolutely crucial. When I spoke earlier about family looking after players, they really wouldn’t understand the nuances of what has to be done.

“I promise you, the player’s welfare is the first thing we have to look after – not the club’s.”

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