Updated: South Australia is preparing to increase the number of positive COVID-19 cases, after five new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded today – at least four of them linked to the Parafield group in North Adelaide – with 14 others suspected of being infected


Prime Minister Stephen Marshall said this afternoon that there are now likely as many as 21 cases linked to the Parafield group, which began when a worker at the Peppers Midi Hotel on Weymouth Street contracted the disease and transmitted the disease to his extended family.

Of the four new cases announced today associated with the group, one works in an AnglicareSA residential aged care home in Brompton and the other three are relatives of a medical hotel security guard who tested positive yesterday

The SA chief public health official, Professor Nicola Spurier, said she only received information about the minutes of the fifth case before briefing the media and health authorities for interviews to determine if the case was also related to the group

The five new cases range from teenagers to people in their 50s who have no or mild symptoms of COVID-19, which means they are in the early stages of the disease.

Spurier said authorities are treating an additional 14 people as suspected cases because they have been in close contact with infected people linked to Parafield’s group.

14 people wait for test results or receive initial negative results and are retested

“Because we want to be very precautionary and really act very quickly, which is why we call them suspicious cases and put public health into practice to make sure we can contain it (the virus),” said Spurier

This comes after the authorities confirmed that they made a mistake yesterday in reporting the number of positive cases related to the Parafield group

Only 16 cases were identified as cluster-related yesterday – not the 17 previously reported cases

Of the five new cases announced today, Marshall reported one on the radio this morning, and Federal Health Secretary Greg Hunt revealed another three at around 1 p.m. and one new case was identified later this afternoon. Today, it brings the total number of confirmed cases associated with the cluster to 20

Rome Mitchell High College in Gepps Cross, Mount Carmel College in Rosewater, Mawson Lakes School and Preschool, Holy Family Catholic School in Parafield Gardens, and Thomas More College in Salisbury Downs have been closed indefinitely after students or staff are infected with COVID-19 or Was in close contact with positive cases

Gawler District College from birth to grade 12 has also issued a warning stating that a member of its community has been in close contact with the current positive COVID-19 case

“The school community member has been tested and the results are negative,” the school posted on its Facebook page

“Out of extreme caution, SA Health has requested members of our school community who have been in close contact with this person to self-isolate until November 27”

All employees and students calling for self-isolation because they were in close contact with this person the school has now contacted them and they are isolating themselves

She said that “a large number of people” who recently arrived in South Australia from abroad and are currently in hotel quarantine were informed today that they will be required to remain in quarantine for another 14 days – regardless of whether they are nearing the end of the period Their stay in quarantine

“But in terms of public safety, not just for South Australia but for all of Australia, I urge you to be patient”

It is understood that all staff at Lyell McEwin Hospital, where the first case in the group was initially identified, have now been directed to wear a mask and gloves for any contact with patients, regardless of symptoms

Prime Minister Stephen Marshall said more than 5,000 people were tested yesterday, and authorities expect more than 6,000 tests to take place today once clinics close at 8 p.m.

“This is nothing short of excitement and will be a record for South Australia,” he said

“We are in the early stages of dealing with this very bad group in Parafield”

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said earlier this afternoon that four employees of the residential aged care home in AnglicareSA Brompton have now returned their positive tests, with the “close family contacts” of the mother and daughter who tested positive yesterday. / p>

“There is a very high possibility that all the injured outside the facility were injured,” he said.

“All reviewers are all negative There will be additional testing as the week progresses. “

AnglicareSA said all residents of a Brompton residential aged care home have been tested and all have returned negative test results

Prime Minister Stephen Marshall told ABC Radio that the government “dramatically demonstrated the capacity” of the test yesterday

Opening hours of testing clinics across Adelaide have been extended from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every night and the state’s contact tracing team has received additional resources to deal with the surge in demand

The premier acknowledged that waiting lists for hours outside of testing clinics were “clearly uncomfortable,” but most people realized it was important to get tested

“I think most people estimated there would be a delay and were ready to do so”

SA Health issued an alert at 1024 this morning asking anyone who has been in Aquadome on Crockerton Road in Elizabeth between 1100 a.m. and 130 p.m. on Saturday November 14 for immediate 14-day isolation and testing as soon as symptoms appear

People who visited any of the other sites during the mentioned times do not need to self-quarantine, but they should monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, including fever or chills, acute respiratory infection, loss of sense of smell or a change in Taste sensation, and test immediately if symptoms appear

This comes as the state government imposed a series of restrictions on gatherings and places at midnight last night in response to the Parafield group

Includes the maximum limits for funerals and private gatherings, the capacity of authorized places, and visitors to aged care facilities

Gyms and entertainment centers have been closed, and sports facilities and community training, including indoor and outdoor sports, have been canceled.

The government has advised people to wear a mask when physical distance, such as on public transportation, is not possible.

Marshall described the restrictions, which will likely be in place for two weeks, as “among the lightest anywhere in the country” on ABC Radio this morning

“I think we have a very reasonable balanced approach in South Australia and it will continue to do so in the future, but at this point we will do our best – we are putting each supplier separately sure we don’t have a second wave in South Australia”

“We know the consequences of this will be catastrophic (and) we are not prepared to take this risk”

In response to a question about whether the state government will provide support to companies affected by the restrictions within the next two weeks, Marshall said, “The primary responsibility is to ensure that while there may be some short-term pain for individuals and businesses in South Australia it does not turn into long-term pain.” The duration is as we have seen in other parts of the country and in other parts of the world. ”

“I think we have been very rational with the approach we have taken, but there will be some unequivocal pain and that is one of the reasons for that,” he said

“In the most recent budget for those people who are still having trouble with it, we made an additional $ 10,000 cash payment to them.”

The chief public health official, Professor Nicolas Spurier, told ABC Radio that it is “very important” for people to reduce travel and the contacts they have with other people

“I want people to think about whether they should be out in the next two days and week because we really want to reduce the number of people-to-people contacts in South Australia – we can see how things go very quickly in Victoria said”

The Parafield group started when a worker at the city’s Peppers Medi Hotel contracted the disease and transmitted the disease to his extended family.

From three locally acquired cases announced Sunday afternoon, the overnight group on Sunday grew to 20 confirmed cases

Spurrier said this afternoon that a Medi hotel worker had been infected by an overseas traveler who arrived in South Australia on November 2 and tested positive for the Coronavirus the following day

An injured Hungry Jack worker prompted the Port Adelaide port to be closed, while an alert was also issued regarding Yatala Labour’s prison after an employee tested positive

About 90 Lille McQueen Hospital employees and patients have been placed in quarantine after an elderly family member was introduced to the emergency department while contracting infection

State Court Director Julie-Ann Burgess said this morning that there will be no court appearances, either in person or via AVL, from Yatala Workers’ Prison

She said there would also be no prisoner movement from any location to the courts, but the AVL hearings would continue

There are currently 34 active cases of COVID-19 in South Australia, which brings the total number of infections in the state to 549

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