Wait a minute, Netflix didn’t delete all of the Johnny Depp movies from its library to erase its collective memories of their 190 million subscribers when the company finally stood up for Amber Heard by it banished her ex-husband into the wilderness of pouring purgatory? Of course not, that would be ridiculous

Even so, that didn’t stop a singing section of Depp’s fan base from busting Netflix on social media by accusing them of doing just that after some of the actor’s titles went off the platform recently, removing the streaming site from various legal and legal issues For contractual reasons, it’s getting older movies and adding new ones, but this time it was someone who has an army of rabid supporters ready to mobilize a bit of traction on the short term if Netflix chose one of the Hollywood stars to choose from want to separate, they’d probably get rid of Heard’s back catalog as the bulk of it is pretty awful

Either way, one of Depp’s most overlooked appearances has dominated the top 10 most-watched movies list since its debut earlier this week, and currently ranks sixth with the movie in question being Rango, which recently appeared on Netflix and is the Pirates of the Caribbean stars reunited with director Gore Verbinski in an animated neo-western It’s just as bizarre as that sounds

Also released in a year when Pixar had no new deals, the image earned the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, which undoubtedly made up for the tepid box office revenue that made it a solid, if unspectacular, US $ 245 -Dollars Raised Millions Worldwide on a Budget of $ 135 Million Rango is one of the most unique, irreverent, and surreal studio animations of the past decade, and it’s well worth checking out as it’s available on Netflix, especially if you’re a Johnny Depp -Fan are

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World news – AU – A forgotten Johnny Depp movie dominates Netflix today

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