But the Australian only managed a limp, half-hearted performance in a dismal straight-set loss that Australian tennis legend John Fitzgerald lamented of his wasted talent after being such an amazing young starlet

The 28-year-old, once 17 in the world, is now at number 233 in the rankings – which seems pretty fitting on the evidence of his 6: 1: 6: 3: 6: 2 defeat in one hour and 47 minutes

Tomic played the match with a buckled right knee that he repeatedly bent during the match, indicating a possible injury – or a convenient excuse, depending on your opinion on the polarizing talent

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“Bernard is a talent and he doesn’t fulfill that talent,” he said “Not even around It’s shame I know he’s 28 and now has some injury issues, but that’s because you have your body Not Getting In Shape You can’t compete against each other week after week

“It’s a shame it’s a little sad for me. He was a little kid on my Davis Cup squad (representing Australia)

“They love it when a young person reaches their potential I hope they can still commit themselves”

Tomic barely broke a sweat in a rapid fire set that lasted only 23 minutes, despite the 30 degree conditions

At just 46 percent, Tomic had two double faults, 12 casual faults and only 14 total points in the opening verse that set the tone for the rest of the game

During the entire game, he failed to return a full 50% of Shapovalov’s serves, won zero out of 7 breakpoints and made a whopping 40 casual mistakes

Tomic didn’t apologize for his loss and said, “He (Shapovalov) played amazingly, it was a joke So for him full credit I tried to get a rhythm but I felt pretty bad the whole game felt But for him you have to give it to him ”

He later added, “I mean, there is no excuse for me, age just what is he, 10 or 11 in the world? The guy just played too well”

In the middle of the set, Fitzgerald said in a comment, “I would think Bernie would be calling for the coach soon. He’s not involved in this match at all. That’s four loves in 13 minutes

Tomic fought hard to get the start of the second set in a number of marathon games, but collapsed and lost it 6-3

Fitzgerald then noticed Tomic’s apparent lack of fitness and stated, “There is no exertion”It was a chorus that he later repeated and said,” You can’t tell me he’s trying “

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Commentators continued slamming the Australian as the game progressed after an informal mistake declared, “This is just lazy. Not using the legs. Maybe the knee hurts, but all he had to do was put it on the safe Push line ”

And about a change in the endings in the third sentence, commentator Allan Stone said: “Looks like he has no worries in the world, he just sits casually”

Tomic is only 28 years old, at a time when many players well into their thirties compete against each other at the highest level

But his lack of exertion and fitness led Fitzgerald to issue a dire warning about his future

Fitzgerald said, “You think you have a lot of time ahead of you, but it’s over in a flash”

He continued, “It will be a great shame when he can’t get more out of his talent

“He has to be fitter, stronger, and more engaged. You can’t compete with the best players at this level if you aren’t

“If you don’t have the miles in your legs, you can hit a wall very quickly because this guy (Shapovalov) has miles in his legs. Everyone else does, too,”

Stone asked, “I wonder if we’ll see Bernard Tomic again at the Australian Open. I wonder”

Venus Williams 40 years old Seriously injured in the first set Still doing her best 1-6 0-5 downstairs ❤️Then on another court, Bernard Tomic didn’t try hard 🤔The best and the worst in tennis #ausopen

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at this rate, given his lack of efforts tonight, Tomic should just return to Onlyfans with his girlfriend #ausopen

The biggest crowd so far that @AustralianOpen has seen, and practically everyone cheers the Canadian Denis Shapovalov versus the Australian Bernard Tomic to BildTwittercom / aNIwHFgPjF

Lord Tomic is the typical clerk who comes to work just for a paycheck – not even an E for trouble – awful, lol dude really plays tennis for money picTwittercom / ps3BgMNPom

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