Former Disney actress Bella Thorne stunned the world this year after joining a platform popular only for sex workers

OnlyFans has grown in popularity with developers over the COVID-19 pandemic, making some very rich, especially those who make NSFW material

Thorne apologized and said she was trying to normalize the stigma associated with sex work and pornSource: Instagram

Bella Thorne stunned the world this year after making millions of dollars within days of joining OnlyFans

But the former Disney actor suffered severe setbacks for joining the adult-only platform, with controversy over a series of “nude photos” and criticism from sex workers on the site that joining their ability to earn an income achieve, severely impaired

Thorne announced that she opened an account for the adult-only paid subscription service in a racy Instagram video in August.The actress, already valued at $ 5 million to $ 12 million in net worth, made within 24 million dollars, according to OnlyFans Hours after debuting her $ 1 million account in the days that followed, her income rose to $ 2 million

Thorne apologized and said she was trying to normalize the stigma associated with sex work and pornSource: Instagram

Thorne announced that she had joined the platform, which is mostly used by sex workers, in a bikini and diamond-studded necklace that read “Sex”

She also advertised an image set on the website as nudes and sold it to her fans for $ 200, but the set did not include any nude photos

The issue has disappointed so many users that OnlyFans reportedly had to issue refunds – and some users believe this has led the platform to make changes to their policies

Thorne’s massive payday from joining the platform, as well as her refusal to post nude adult content, sparked heavy criticism from sex workers who said her appearance on the platform seriously affected their ability to make a living

“You bragged about making $ 2 million in a week and everyone already knows what OnlyFans is so you haven’t” lit up “,” wrote one online sex worker, “You cheated on people and only talked about it They have been mocked for the past few days and thought it would just go away ”

“If you had respected our work, you wouldn’t have cheated on people at all. I can barely make rent the first time, much less on my other bills. You wanted the money robbery,” wrote another sex worker

After Thorne Only Fans joined, some changes were made to the site, including preventing developers from charging more than $ 40 for pay-per-view content and limiting users to more than $ 100 -Tipping dollars

The OnlyFans platform was basically destroyed because of their lie, sex work is real work and Bella Thorne just joked it and proved that she has no idea what it means to be a sex worker.She has every sex worker out there not respected and no one will forget

Thorne later announced that she would be directing a film with acclaimed director Sean Baker about her experience on the platform

“Thank you @paper I’m excited to talk about the politics behind female bodies that shame sex,” Thorne wrote in an Instagram post, “Calling my girlfriend with the great director Sean Baker I’m proud of “she said

But as the backlash from sex workers increased, Baker reprimanded Thorne, saying he didn’t work with her on the film and called her interview “wrong”

“I want to make it clear that the news that I’m making a movie (documentary or fictional story) about OnlyFans and using Bella Thorne as my research is bogus,” he wrote on Twitter

Baker said he met with Thorne to discuss a “possible collaboration” in the “distant future” that focused on “her life and the circumstances in which she came to OnlyFans.”

“On that call, I advised her team to consult with sex workers and discuss how they did this so as NOT to hurt the sex work industry I am an ally and have literally spent my career telling stories that remove stigma and normalize lifestyles that are under attack

“I would never do anything that could potentially harm the community Please note this message is incorrect”

In late August, Thorne apologized for joining the site amid growing backlash, saying she was trying to “normalize” the stigma surrounding sex work and pornography

“I wanted to draw attention to the site The more people there are on the site, the more likely the scars will normalize and I hurt you trying to do that, ”she wrote

“I’ve risked my career a couple of times to remove the stigma behind sex work, pornography, and the natural hatred that people spit out behind anything sex-related. I wrote and directed a high-eyed porno my coworkers and managers because I wanted to help with the stigma behind sex ”

“I’m a mainstream face and if you have a voice, a platform, try to use it to help others and to stand up for something bigger than yourself. In this process too, I have you.” hurt and I’m really sorry ”

OnlyFans has denied making changes to the site because of Thorne, stating in a statement, “Changes to transaction limits are not based on a user”

“Transaction limits are being set to avoid spending too much and to allow our users to continue using the site safely,” said a statement shared by the site. “We appreciate all of the feedback we have received since this change was implemented and will continue to check these limits ”

Despite the controversy and the apparent loss of a project with Baker, Thorne continued to use OnlyFans and regularly promoted the site through their mainstream social media

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