Having the Betoota Advocate Facebook page for an audience of around 800000 people was banned, editors Clancy Overell and Errol Parker told ninecomAu they were in a difficult situation

“We got turned off and then turned on again, so it got creepy there for a moment,” Mr Overell told ninecomau

“We thought we really had to use our other social channels, but thanks to the grace of God, Facebook decided to let us through the gates””

Despite the shock announcement, the editors at Betoota Advocate had no problem maintaining their sense of humor

“When we got turned back on, we thought the late Kerry Packer was right to say that social media and the internet are indeed just a passing fad,” said Parker,

“We looked forward to going back to the old days of journalism, big days, company card, big lunches, long lunch breaks But by a twist of fate we have earned peanuts bloody online again ”

“When the Bureau of Meterology closed, some lines definitely blurred about what’s new and what isn’t,” said Overell,

“I thought when the BoM closed their Facebook page it was because of all the fake weather reports they made

“I got off my jet plane here in Sydney and they said it wasn’t raining and it was bloody””

“Not to mention this alarming nonsense of climate change, maybe the office deserves to be closed”

Mr Overell said while social media is an important part of their platform, they are confident that news sites don’t just rely on Facebook to share their news

“Social media helps because anything a journalist gets out of it can be a kitten water ski On social media, you can find people interested in you not getting them through the traditional channels ”

“For election results and footy results, we’ve tried established media (such as) nightly news and newspapers that people go to”

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