There is something deliciously perverted about someone who normally eats cake for a living and is now preparing to eat raw offal – maybe with a side dish of excrement “Yeah Looks I used to think the work on Bake Off is very difficult, “says comedian and co-host of this show, Mel Buttle. I can’t believe they pick us up at 5am and we’re still filming at 9.30am! “I found this difficult. But I think this is going to be more difficult”

Buttle is one of nine unlucky celebrities to venture into the jungle for I’m A Celebrity’s 2021 season – the Australian jungle for the first time … Get me out of here! And every time someone raises their hand to perform, the same question must be asked: Why?

“Okay, a couple of reasons,” says Buttle, “Number one – I know it’s shocking – but I’ll be 40 soon And I thought, what have I done with my precious little suburban life? I don’t really care Very bad happened So I thought, guess what, you have to do this before you turn 40 ”

Mel Buttle swaps cakes for creepy crawlers in the new I’m A Celebrity series Get me out of here! Credit:

Other factors played a role The pandemic meant Buttle, like most comedians, sat on the sofa for most of the year wondering what was coming next “I thought I had just been offered a great gig, where I can be fun and hang out with people and have challenges What else should I do? Sit here and watch Dr Phil? “

Buttle has been a regular observer of I’m A Celebrity “I often know the comedians who end up in the jungle. It’s a really small industry so I check it out to watch my friends Eat Maggots And Suffering”

And she suggests one of the reasons comedians show up in the jungle – and one of the reasons she thinks she might be fine – is that her profession prepares her surprisingly well

“You are constantly processing your experiences in the world and trying to make something fun out of them,” she says. “I think the experience of standing could prepare me to react in interesting ways for the viewer in any situation, and around to help me make friends like I did in elementary school – to get people to like me by saying funny things, ”

She also believes that being a local will be to her advantage – Buttle is a Queenslander and this season is filmed in Murwillumbah, northern New South Wales, according to very reliable gossip, “In Africa it’s always that crazy meat when they bring their dinner to them Here’s a moose calf muscle But in Australia I have probably eaten most of the things they will offer us ”

She is used to heat and humidity. In a pinch she could just swim home over the tweed

On the other hand, Buttle abhores snakes, spiders, cane toads, crawfish of all kinds, heights and physical challenges

“I’m a little lazy too, to be honest,” she says, “I’m not a hardworking person. If you need someone to carry things up a hill, for example, I wouldn’t volunteer for it”

As someone who can’t stand conflict and has no idea how to deal with it, she’s also a little worried about spending time with the obligatory troublemaker. “I’m a little nervous, there’s a mean thing with me “she says, although in this case she has a secret superpower that can come in handy

“I went to a girls’ school to use these skills. Once that (annoying) person is gone, I go to someone else and say,“ Did you hear what they just said? ”I would try, slowly one at a time build a little bitch army. So we could grumble about this person ”

She wouldn’t initiate the bitch, she’s quick to point out “I’m like the second banana to the main girl I’ll look out for eye rolls and take them from there”

Mel Buttle, Toni Pearen

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