Pablo S Torre, Israel Gutierrez and Katie Nolan discuss the athletes’ reaction and the role of player protests after the events at the US. Capital on Wednesday (4:34)

After the postmortems of a year that couldn’t end quickly enough, the first week of 2021 didn’t deliver as much balm for 2020 as last year’s intransigence for Black America in general, and Black Athlete in particular, has the year with began a series of events which again demonstrated a worldwide exercise of faith

In Wisconsin, Kenosha District Attorney Michael Graveley announced Tuesday that no charges would be brought against Rusten Sheskey, the policeman who fired seven shots in the back of Jacob Blake’s back. The August shooting resulted in an unprecedented boycott of sports, from the NBA and the WNBA to tennis, MLB, MLS and NHL

Later on Tuesday through Wednesday, Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev Raphael Warnock swept the US. Senate outflows in Georgia, in particular, the Warnock win was seen as a huge win for WNBA players, especially those from the Atlanta Dream, whose public support of Warnock against team co-owner Kelly Loeffler helped make Warnock a force and national visibility to improve both races

On Wednesday afternoon, a crowd of pro-Trump supporters, some armed and most fueled by a morning rally with words from a president falsely claiming election fraud, stormed the U.S. Capitol temporarily postponing certification of an American presidential election

As the country tore apart, the NFL continued to spend the week in the middle of its annual ritual – the end of the regular season, followed by the league’s bleak sobriety for teams sacking coaches, inevitably followed by coaching and hiring the annual humiliation of black coaches

Each of those moments spawned yet another exercise of faith The Kenosha decision put last summer’s protests into perspective, a vacillation between the pride of the athletes making a statement and the months of anticipation of fear that Sheskey, like so many cops, would before him, could try to kill without consequence Angry the athletes refused to play Former President Barack Obama advised them to end the boycott, to be good citizens, to vote, to encourage others to vote and to let the system work Belief For all her hundreds of millions of dollars in salary, visibility, and fame, the day of horror has still come Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down, and Sheskey is free, bringing the term Black Lives Matter back to what it always was: a bitter, rhetorical question that still seeks to be an affirmation

Working with Chris Paul and LeBron James, Obama had urged players to return to work, set an example, and believe In Flawed Criminal Justice Systems In Flawed Political Systems In America Black athletes have been admonished for years – by a President (“Maybe should You won’t be in the country, “President Donald Trump once said of protesting athletes) and by aggressive and mostly white talk radio hosts, fans, colleagues and coaches. The players, like most blacks, have been told that their protests would be unnecessary if they did Blacks would just obey the rules and obey them as they do, as the good Americans do.How grotesque these admonitions were on Wednesday lay in their deceit as pro-Trump protesters, for the most part, know the Capitol with little initial resistance the police stormed, obeyed no one, threatened the police and the Congress protects the precious democracy te hidden under a desk with them and five people dead

In the NFL, the call to faith led to an angry journey into the end zone of humiliation as the black coaches once again hoped to receive an interview for a head coaching job and asked for an industry to be viable candidates being looked at that has little professional respect for them The trainers and experts are trudging across the same tired field again with the same tired results

The black football pros, from the Fritz Pollard Alliance to the individual Eric Bieniemys and Marvin Lewises – one is waiting for a first chance as head coach, the other for a 16-year-old NFL coach with a 518 percent win, which may not be a second get – have no choice but to fight football was their life coaching is their livelihood The NFL is a closed business which means there is no American alternative to the NFL to appeal to and tell the NFL to die Going to hell without passing Go The differences between a head coaching job and many assistant jobs are not only in the prestige of the title and the ego of the challenge, but in the raw wealth Head coaches are millionaires Co-coaches are mostly not not for the top – Being considered a job also means not having the opportunity to gain wealth, and wealth is the best weapon to get around the world say to go to hell without passing Go Without the financial freedom to walk away, the people who are humiliated the most by the NFL are the ones who need them most

The NFL experts, however, have a choice as to how to position the NFL’s role in this humiliation – you choose to treat the NFL as supportive of black coaches rather than being obviously hostile to the idea they are. It’s not complicated The NFL doesn’t want black coaches, so they don’t come in abundance. The lack of interest in hiring blacks to management positions is an unremarkable attitude because that’s how most American companies go about their business

If 2020 was a revelation – and for much of white America too – it could be seen in the changing job prospects for African Americans after police killed George Floyd, a bubble that paid neither him nor his compensation Family It’s more of an indictment of how overwhelmingly a country claiming to be a meritocracy routinely denies the merit of blacks After Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police in May, the industry suddenly pledged to anti-racism in television ads Routinely shown interracial couples on Netflix introduced the ad of Black Lives Matter. All of a sudden, black professionals were present

While the result of this attention was beneficial to black professionals desperate to compete for work, it spectacularly showed the depths of racism in American corporations, how completely black people were – and for how – excluded from the labor market Long Floyd’s death sparked a number of offensive innovations that underscored how the business views black professionals as historically incompetent or has deliberately refused to hire qualified black candidates for decades. There is no third way

Still, America routinely displays stunning hocus-pocus and convinces itself of its inherent post-racial fairness as it pats itself on the back for an embarrassing litany to later, lower bar premieres, doing this dance with both a smile of progress and a smile with a touch of temperament, angry when blacks notice the blatant injustice that explains why it’s new, when a black person actually gets a good job, or when Georgia sends a black Democrat to the Senate for the first time since joining the Senate Union – 1788

In July 2020, Dario Calmese became the first black photographer to shoot the cover of an issue of Vanity Fair.In 2018, Tyler Mitchell became the first African American to shoot a cover for Vogue Summer Has Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Jr was named the Air Force’s first black chief of staff, making him the first black to head a branch of the US Military – on Nov. 1, the Los Angeles Chargers blew another lead, but it happened within a milestone: The game was the first television show in NFL history to have a black director and lead producer. Later in the month, the NFL played a game with an all black incumbent Crew From finance to publishing to sports to vice presidencies, black professionals across the country received phone calls with vacancies and interests from places never very useful to them – until Derek Chauvin put his knee on George Floyd’s neck killing him Vogue was founded in 1892. The NFL televised its first live broadcast of a game on October 22, 1939. The Air Force, founded in 1907, became a separate branch of the military in 1947.The first version of Vanity Fair was released in 1913 and revived in 1983, Safe, before George Floyd was killed, someone could have snapped Black a photo for the cover of a fashion magazine

Domonique Foxworth, Martenzie Johnson and Soraya Nadia McDonald discuss America by overseeing double standards, privilege, and the persistent question: do blacks’ lives really matter? Observe

The NFL was clearly against the black state – it treats the hiring of black coaches as the triumphant scaling of some form of Everest, as if finding someone black and a better job than it were one of the great achievements of our time Adam Gase could do this has something special about it, but it’s not because of Brian Flores’ success, it’s because of the obvious bigotry of an industry in which committees, think tanks, special rules and years of public efforts must be convinced that there is someone it turns out smart enough there to know how to use a timeout

The NFL is positioned by its media expert as part of a solution to a caustic culture of racism that has ruined countless careers and artificially inflated others and that speaks to the league’s power no differently than to the notion that the police have the advantage It also speaks to the utter lack of imagination on the part of its pandemic to which the public is exposed, the latter should not come as a surprise, given that sports television has been actively wiping out black journalism for the past three decades, through which it has drawn black journalist professionals through Pleading ex-players to replace Print media have been so decimated over the same period that many journalists are reluctant to criticize the sporting leagues that may become their next employer as they are trying to survive

If a black person has placed significantly higher value on a white applicant who is traditionally fast enough to play far, or just fast enough to cover one, then it’s a hiring The NFL is a hostile one Place That Doesn’t Believe in Black Competence It should not be forgotten that a few months ago the NFL essentially admitted that it was so racist in its hiring that it actually proposed that drafts be given to teams coached by Minorities develop and then lose them to other teams. They need to be encouraged to get their jobs done, and yet, as the serious discussions about the Rooney Rule continue, the panelists seem as predictable as a broken watch as the serious discussions about the Rooney Rule continue The thinkers do not think

The NFL shares the same stance as other industries where acquiring competency is a luxury reserved for the whites. White employees may complain about promotions or who is better at a given job, but they seldom or never beat suggest that an employee is not good enough to even enter the building, as they often do by calling their black colleagues “positive action” “Meanwhile, they take on the black candidate’s incompetence and put them at risk , an uncertainty and a reason why it can’t work It’s a burden the recently laid-off Matt Patricia (career record 13-29-1) never has to bear

Just as the adoption of white competency enabled black candidates to be ignored in the labor market, it also gave police the ability to kill without consequence, on the idea that their integrity and judgment could be trusted as well can be like an encounter with a black person’s alleged danger The same liberation from integrity and responsibility was granted to the white protesters who stormed the Capitol. The Capitol Police did not treat them as a serious threat to the congressmen in the building or to the rule of law Blacks Are Constantly Told They Are Immutable While armed whites smashed the windows of the nation’s most iconic legislature, the tanks that stood by in anticipation of blacks protest were safely parked at home

The news is unsubtle. They are the owners of the American dream Blacks are the renters. When the Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic boycotted, Naomi Osaka and several athletes followed in protest against Blake’s shooting This was a touchstone, a revelation of its own, which the players had sort of completed willing to risk their money on a principle and the “you can’t just take your knee” reductive comments that tried to undermine the protests were effective too parry The players have taken action The next question in America’s infinite aggression against the protest was to criticize the athletes for either not doing enough or for curtailing the moment by speculating about what they might be ready in the future

Neither was important The real revelation remains the need for constant protest, not asking for permission, to get your way.This revelation can be felt in real time The sports industry and so many of their ex-players are trying to protest and vote in a historical opposition But for much of the country outside Georgia, it was the WNBA wearing T-shirts that read “Vote Warnock” – simple, public protest and no costly ridesharing with the police or a special concierge celebrity – that received tremendous attention attracted to the central Senate races in Georgia

For any gamers who may have forgotten they were in hostile territory, were unsure of the benefits of the boycott, or were comforted that Obama cared about them, Kenosha County, which Sheskey doesn’t blame, should do the Open Eyes Perhaps they shouldn’t have let themselves be muted by Obama or someone else’s gamer begging to be seen as human with inspirational slogans on the back of their jerseys that put their fellow citizens on to vote and asked them to believe, are now looking at the pictures of white citizens overrun and defaced the U Capitol attempting to discard the results of the elections these players should invest in If the players forgot, White America reminded them on Wednesday at the Capitol that many of them don’t want democracy they want control

The events in Kenosha and Washington, DC., centered on players’ strikes last summer as crucial when the sport was shut down after Blake’s shot, it was received as an extraordinary statement of the player’s power.It was also heavily criticized but the players now, like all citizens, who took to the streets before them found out what it feels like to be slapped in the face by a system that only gives up power if it is defeated by force

While the reprimand will sting, it will be a reminder to these already highly competitive athletes that both the shooting and the subsequent irresponsibility of the police are what caused them to step off the field of seeing The US The riot-looted Capitol further confirms that the athlete’s place in a movement, despite his wealth and fame, must always be centered on the local people who do the activist work on a daily basis and therefore the worldview of legendary sociologist Harry Edwards – that there are “no final victories” in the struggle for justice – directing them for the rest of their lives

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