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It’s been 82 years since Judy Garland walked the rainbow in MGM’s blockbuster fantasy film The Wizard of Oz, if Hollywood’s remake culture taught us anything, this franchise is overdue for a modern day update

Warner Brothers’ New Line Studio has hired Nicole Kassel to direct the remake This Oz is based on the 1939 MGM classic and L. Frank Baum’s 1900 children’s book The project competes with Universal’s musical Wicked, which is based on the Gregory Maguire Oz prequel and its subsequent Broadway show

While some Oz fans scream blasphemy that no one can ever fill Garland’s ruby ​​shoes, the more interesting conversation is about who will star Dorothy Gale for this remake

Stranger Things star Sadie Sink has the best odds at 150.But does Sink have the star power to draw audiences? Not really. But she doesn’t have to

The Wizard of Oz is a household name as a hundred-plus-year-old franchise to sell itself to, the studio could literally get anyone involved in this film and it would still be successful, of course, even a few celebrity names in the marquee don’t hurt

There is no place like home! The Wizard of Oz Remake is in the works: Report https: // tco / xswB5aQmA8

At 18, Sink is the youngest name on the list. Her fresh demeanor and lovable youthful charm speak for her to possibly take on the role of Dorothy. She is unknown enough to people to fade into the role and be one credible Dorothy to care

Meanwhile, Hailee Steinfeld bites herself at Sinks ankle at a rate of 170 with an impressive musical and film resume, Steinfeld is easy to imagine in the blue and white gingham dress, just remember this is an actress out for her first Role in True Grit was nominated for an Oscar in 2010. Steinfeld is spoiled for choice

While she is 24 years old and older for playing Dorothy, Steinfeld is still pretty young and happy with a slew of catchy pop music behind her, making an easy casting choice in the movie too, without having to practice Dorothy’s vocal duties / p>

Katelyn Nacon of The Walking Dead has a good chance at 230 herself. With her long brown hair and bright eyes, the 21-year-old would make a decent Dorothy herself. And hey, all that experience of dealing with zombies on set is definitely a good argument to fight an army of winged monkeys

Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus, the easily bankable names on the list, have the worst odds at 700 apiece at 27 and 27 respectively These two may have aged 28 years in the role

Would Grande or Cyrus make any more believable Dorothy? The role is tied to innocence, farm values, and growing up.The only selling point for either of these two would be their powerful vocals.But we don’t even know if Oz is going to be a musical this time or not

Grande and Cyrus also seem better able to play the role if the studio decides to update the story as this version of Oz matures with an older and more refined Dorothy, any of these stars are good choices to go down the yellow brick road

But in the 2021 climate, Hollywood sticks to fairly factual decision-making.The most likely argument for the new Oz and its Dorothy is a safe bet that some people know well enough to care and others haven’t heard about it at all

With The Wizard of Oz, popular as it is, the studio will make sure the audience feels like there’s really no place like home when those shoes three times click Hailee Steinfeld is the most appropriate choice

An active entertainment enthusiast, former editor-in-chief of the Capilano Courier, JJ co-founded Lords of Dogwood, a Vancouver-based entertainment site, in 2013. His writing has been found in ION Magazine, North Shore News, and The Strand

An active entertainment enthusiast, former editor-in-chief of the Capilano Courier, JJ co-founded Lords of Dogwood, a Vancouver-based entertainment site, in 2013. His writing has been found in ION Magazine, North Shore News, and The Strand

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Wizard of Oz

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