Charlotte Dawson is preparing to welcome her first child, but the reality TV personality has admitted she’s “scared” about welcoming the baby alone when her partner is Matt Sarsfield cannot be by her side

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And after England on 5 Having been banned again on January 1st, she has admitted she’s “stressed out and emotional” as her due date approaches

The 28-year-old reality TV star, who is expecting a baby boy, shared her concerns in a long Instagram post on Monday night in which she said she was “afraid” of having to give birth alone since her partner may not do this due to Covid restrictions being allowed to be in the study with her

When thanking the NHS and the midwives who prepared her while she was pregnant, she added that she “can’t help but feel anxious” and boldly admitted the thought of giving birth alone , she “scared”

In addition to a photo of the stunning kindergarten, she and Matt have prepared for their new arrival The daughter of the late comedy icon Les Dawson typed: “I’m officially of legal age, my darlings! What an unbelievable feeling 37 weeks, our little angel could come at any time. But I can’t help but feel stressed & is emotional for this lock

“I’m afraid they won’t let the one person in the study that I need there @matt_sarsfield (I’m also disappointed that my mom can’t be as good at @tracydawsonx as Matt was before Covid but just lucky if we get a birth partner), but if it’s worse than the first lock, you can change it. How are my fellow preggo birds feeling?

“It’s scary having a baby in a pandemic, not having the help we would normally get in class, etc. Now the thought of giving birth alone terrifies me I hope you don’t change it

“I am so lucky to have the fabulous midwives of the NHS & but I can’t help but feel anxious and not be able to see family & friends I truly feel for all of & all of my friends such a sad time with company, but we will get through it. Until then you will find me in my happy place, our little man’s beautiful nursery “

The couple are expecting a little boy and when they got the news at their gender reveal party, Charlotte said OK! Magazine: “So excited we have a chuffing boy! We have a Mini Matt!”

Then Charlotte paid tribute to her late father Les and corrected herself by adding, “A Mini Matt and a Mini Les together!

Charlotte didn’t have the easiest pregnancy to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes – high blood sugar that develops during pregnancy and usually goes away after birth

Charlotte Dawson

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