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Tottenham returned to the top of the Premier League after holding Chelsea goalless at Stamford Bridge

Jose Mourinho’s team set up their stand the same way they did in their victory over Manchester City last week, but on that occasion lacked the counterattack to claim victory against their London rivals during one However, they also kept Chelsea at bay for much of the game, at least until substitute Olivier Giroud missed the game’s best chance when he met Hugo Lloris straight after Joe Rodon missed his header

The spurs were compact and were defended with two lines of defense near their own goal that didn’t mean they were negative or cautious – they simply argued that the most effective way to beat Chelsea was with supply at the front restrict and break with ferocity

It worked. Timo Werner put the ball into the net with serenity early on and threw a shot back into Hugo Lloris’ long post, but as tight as the edges were, he was offside

After 25 minutes, Werner, Tammy Abraham and Hakim Ziyech had completed a total of 13 passes, compared to the 14 passes that Spurs traced back to Serge Aurier alone. By the break, Chelsea had only registered five shots with an expected goal value of 023 Tottenham’s expected goals Attack wasn’t stronger, but her approach was much clearer

Win the ball back, let Tanguy Ndombele take the break and trust him to unleash Heung-min Son, Harry Kane and Steven Bergwijn on the counter. Their approach did not create a clear scoring opportunity, but then it just had to worked once to create a very good chance for a very good finisher

In the second phase, Spurs was more of a struggle to get out and went over half an hour without a shot, but likewise, the only significant chance for Chelsea came from a rare mistake by a Tottenham defender rather than a creative effort by the Blues

For Mourinho, when he decided to retire Bergwijn, it meant all that was not for Gareth Bale but for left-back Ben Davies, which could even have been concluded that was why Son was in added time for Lucas Moura was eliminated because he was the farthest from the bench

The Tottenham manager may see this more than anyone in the context of his side’s broader fixture list last weekend spurs a win against Manchester City and the coming weeks bring the North London derby and a trip to Liverpool the first two Passing these brutal games with four points so far is cause for celebration

Frank Lampard had telegraphed from the start that he would not allow his side to be pulled into Spurs’ trap. There should be no room for Kai Havertz in number 10, but a trio of clever midfielders who could be trusted they didn’t leave the back door open.Even Mount – nominally the most creative of them all, Mateo Kovacic and N’Golo Kante – has won a key role for Chelsea and England, at least in part because of his energy that he doesn’t have

So, Chelsea attacked most of the four-player game, Reece James and the top three inevitably with their right-back as one of their few attack options, they shot cross for cross James’ delivery was excellent, but also exactly what Spurs see wanted

James had three chances for Chelsea, Mount and Kovacic Kante felt like a statistical curiosity as he finished the game with the same chance as his right-back, but that was largely explained by the fact that he made the pass to a teammate several times Midfield played, but later had few options to make a shot of poor quality from a distance

They hypothesized that a player like Havertz, who could beat an opponent or two in a confined space before choosing a pass for a striker, might be more of a problem for the hosts, with substantial rewards, but it also carries the risk that in the event that the move fails, the defense is more likely to be left unprotected

Ultimately, Lampard decided that the guarantee of a point was worth more than swinging for the fences

Mourinho has rightly been criticized for much of his managerial career for showing an aversion to the development of younger players and a preference for aging lieutenants. Spurs struggling defender Davinson Sanchez is not a high-profile professional at the age of 24 It was still important that Joe Rodon, who played in the championship a little over a month ago, was entrusted with the task of partnering Eric Dier in the absence of Toby Alderweireld

After 10 minutes off the bench against Burnley and Manchester City, this was Rodon’s full Premier League debut, and in a match where Mourinho’s plan was based on his center-back fending off anything that got in their way no more room for him

The young Welshman showed the serenity and security of a man who had played with his teammates for years, coolly whirling balls back in position to Lloris to clear the goalkeeper’s left shoe and constantly relaying messages to Eric Dier

What Mourinho will like most about his young center-back is his willingness to throw himself at the ball regardless of the moment even after Werner had been accused of fouling Aurier once before, Rodon was up to block his shot in the middle of the first half, this seemed a rather unnecessary game as he didn’t hurl himself into a Ben Chilwell cross against anyone , but in the end he didn’t take any chances

When the airstrike came from Reece James and Ziyech in the second half, Rodon did just enough. If Abraham were to hit him to the ball, the Chelsea striker would have to climb over him. If Dier were to get hit, he could be sure of that new partner would be able to wipe behind

All of that fine work could possibly have been undone if Giroud had made closer contact with his late chance, but Rodon earned that late luck with the composed portrayal of a Premier League veteran and gave Mourinho the best of both worlds

Serge Aurier: The Ivorian has reacted impressively to the Matt Doherty takeover and seems less prone to the kind of head scratches that have infuriated his coaches in the past.Instead, he’s been aggressive in one-on-one and calm on the ball ideal approach to this game RATING: 8

Timo Werner: It said everything about his performance that when Chelsea chased a winner in the last 20 minutes, Lampard withdrew the German for Christian Pulisic. Werner is fatal in open spaces, but he was more likely in crowded games like today a passenger. RATING: 4

Tanguy Ndombele: He may still be limited to 60 minutes, but an hour Ndombele is a more exciting watch than a full game of most other Premier League players, there are few in the league who are pressure resistant enough that he is is a master at summoning pressure and making his opponent look very silly with a clever turn or movement of his boot. RATING: 7

“Our dressing room is not happy – and that’s a great thing It shows our dynamism, our ambition and our confidence” Jose at today’s draw # THFC ⚪️ #COYS BildTwittercom / mZ0q6Gq2ap

“Conceding a goal is a huge confidence boost for me” Joe Rodon on his full Spurs debut # THFC ⚪️ #COYS BildTwittercom / VxpGzKCirb

Spurs just go to the top of the league! Olivier Giroud will feel like he could have done a lot more when Rodon missed his clearing header and Lloris tame hit Mourinho’s schedule is so risky that his team could easily spoil things with an awkward mistake, but ultimately that approach has Tottenham earned four points from games against Manchester City and Chelsea

Despite all of their dominance, Chelsea have put up a combined expected goal total in this 0-point game71, meaning the combined quality of their chances so far is just below a goal. If this actually ends a tie, they can have few complaints

Close! Increase the load to the front before testing Lloris with a powerful hit 25 meters from the target 🔵 0-0 ⚪️ [82 ’] #CHETOT

81 – What a rescue! Hugo does brilliantly to refuse mount from 25 meters away🔵 #CFC 0-0 #THFC ⚪

A second change for the blues »Giroud is there for Abraham 🔵 0-0 ⚪️ [79’] #CHETOT picTwittercom / LBvb1HSI0p

Frank Lampard makes his first change 🔁Werner will be replaced by Pulisic, who will return after an injury 🔵 0-0 ⚪️ [73 ’] #CHETOT picTwittercom / EF57Qlct8M

Frank Lampard makes his first change 🔁Werner makes room for Pulisic, who returns after an injury 🔵 0-0 ⚪️ [73 ’] #CHETOT picTwittercom / vHoMuhcW8r

We’re 25 minutes into the second half and Spurs haven’t had a shot yet, but they deserve a corner You think Spurs could steal this with a clever set piece on death – they definitely try when Hojbjerg overheads dragging the goal from the front post and challenging James at the back post where Kane is lurking Chelsea defender does just enough

We’re in the last 20 minutes of normal time I’m still looking for that opening destination COME ON CHELSEA! 🔵 0-0 ⚪️ [70 ’] #CHETOT picTwittercom / 9PGb9FQcSl

A chance for Ziyech when Chilwell finds it unmarked in the box, but it jumps uncomfortably and he sends his effort high over the bar 🔵 0-0 ⚪️ [67 ’] #CHETOT

67 – Chance for Chelsea The ball falls on Ziyech in the penalty area, but his attempt goes over the bar🔵 #CFC 0-0 #THFC ⚪

Chelsea continue to dominate possession with 60 percent of the ball and Spurs are getting tired of chasing him.This could be the moment they need to rush before Mourinho brushes his side and Giovanni Lo Celso is already prepared

The crosses come relentlessly from the home team and are very good deliveries, especially from James on the right, his last one flashing dangerously in front of Abraham, who couldn’t quite reach him, mostly because Rodon made sure of the Chelsea Striker had to climb over him to get to the ball Abraham is strong and moves skillfully in the box but you feel more like the Blues would do well if they wanted to beat Spurs that way, Olivier Giroud to fetch from the bank

It is almost the perfect start to the second half when James sends in a strong curling ball – Abraham has reached the end but cannot point his header at the goal 🔵 0-0 ⚪️ [48 ‘] #CHETOT

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