Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be cold in Detroit and Ann Arbor There will also be some snow build-up due to lake effect snow

Here’s the big picture of what’s going to happen: Colder air blowing over Lake Michigan creates lake-like snow.In the second half of Christmas Day, the wind will swing from northwest to west.This wind direction can make it more even, but still stormy Snow showers hit Ann Arbor and Detroit areas

So Ann Arbor and the Detroit area will really only have a few thunderstorms on Christmas Eve. If snow piles up, it’s Christmas afternoon in Ann Arbor and Detroit

I would say that on Christmas night we could see spotty areas of 1 to 2 inches of snow in a few places. Here is the snow forecast

So Detroit and Ann Arbor are going to get just enough snow to call it a white Christmas, and it probably won’t be a white Christmas when you wake up on Christmas morning I’d look for an inch or less as the most likely cluster for Ann Arbor and Detroit

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Christmas Eve

World News – AU – Christmas Eve, Christmas Weather For Detroit, Ann Arbor: Will There Be Snow?