If you are just about to join us, here’s what you need to know Today the NSW government filed the long-awaited report on the Bergin investigation into Sydney’s second casino license, that of the James Packer-backed Crown Resorts is held

Crown opened its new $ 2 billion complex in Barangaroo in late December, albeit without the margins on which the project is based

Commissioner Patricia Bergin, a former NSW Supreme Court judge, was tasked with investigating the Barangaroo license in August 2019. Today she found:

Importantly, Commissioner Bergin did not recommend revoking Crown’s license or forcing James Packer to sell his 36 percent control stake to Crown Resorts

However, she suggested that the NSW Gaming Authority consider whether Mr. Packer should remain as an approved “close associate” of the licensee and found that he wields real power at Crown even though he is not a director

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The results of the Bergin report on Sydney’s second casino license are undoubtedly detrimental to Crown Resorts and the man who wields real power at Crown and controls shareholder James Packer

Former NSW Supreme Court Justice Patricia Bergin says without a doubt that Crown is not a “suitable person” to keep his casino license with Barangaroo – but she holds out the possibility that it could be in the future

â ???? If Crown is to survive this turmoil and transform itself into a company that can be considered a suitable person and accomplish the same for the licensee, is there little doubt that it could make a fresh start and create a much stronger and better organization? She says

Commissioner Patricia Bergin says in her report on the future of Sydney’s second casino license that it is “obvious” The billionaire James Packer wields the “real power” at Crown Resorts

Mr. Packer is not on the board of directors of Crown Resorts (the parent company of Crown Sydney Gaming, the holder of the Barangaroo Casino license) but has a controlling interest of 36 percent

Commissioner Bergin said he wielded power – both because of his personality and the supine position that Crown employees assumed

She suggests that NSW gambling authority, the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority, consider placing a condition on Crown Sydney Gaming and Crown Resorts that any plan to enter into a commercial agreement with Mr. Packer or his private company should also In general, or to pass on confidential information, the authorities must be notified and approved by them prior to such entry

It also recommends that the NSW Casino Control Act be amended so that an individual cannot acquire, hold or transfer an interest of 10 percent or more in any NSW casino licensee or a licensee’s holding company without the approval of one new casino regulator

After the NSW government filed a damn report stating that a Crown Resorts subsidiary was not an “eligible person” to obtain the Sydney Barangaroo casino license, MP Andrew Wilkie urged Crown to make similar inquiries regarding its casino licenses in Western Australia and Victoria

But Hamish Hastie reports from Western Australia that the WA Gambling Authority won’t consider the NSW report for two weeks Time

The Bergin report, filed in the NSW Parliament on Tuesday, found that Crown Sydney Gaming was not eligible to own Sydney’s second casino license and that parent company Crown Resorts was not an “eligible person” ??? be a close co-worker

However, it was not recommended that the license be revoked and it was suggested that companies make changes to become eligible

In Victoria, the shadow minister for gambling tweeted that the state must conduct an independent judicial investigation into whether or not Crown is still eligible for a Melbourne license

The Bergin Report was expressly commissioned, as part of its specification of services, to examine whether a subsidiary of Crown Resorts was a “suitable person” owning Sydney’s second casino license, citing allegations aired in media reports

The service description was based on reports from the Nine Network, the Sydney Morning Herald, and the Age – all owned by the Nine Entertainment Company – that Crown had laundered money and worked with junket operators with links to drug traffickers, money launderers, human traffickers and organized crime groups

Crown’s relationship with Junkets – who ensure that wealthy Chinese gamblers travel to overseas casinos – got it into this mess in the first place after Nine Mastheads revealed in 2019 that many of its main Junkets’ partners were close to powerful Asian ones Crime gangs connected

Commissioner Patricia Bergin examined the junket allegations in her report and concluded that “the veracity of the media allegations that there were junket operators Crown worked with with links to organized crime” is well founded She did not find that the company was intentionally blind or recklessly indifferent

“In August 2020, the Crown Board decided to suspend its relations with all junk operators and on August 17, 2020 November 2020 it decided to completely stop the junket operation under certain conditions”the report said

Commissioner Bergin recommended that the NSW Casino Control Act be amended to prohibit casino operators in NSW from dealing with junket operators

“The existing and evolving threats of organized crime infiltration in casinos are such that the [NSW Gaming] Authority and the government should have the right to ban junkets from operating in New South Wales casinos”??? the report said

???? It really is the only way the agency, government, casino operator and community can be assured that such infiltration will not occur through these mechanisms.

Commissioner Bergin said Crown took an approach that was “deeply hurt by a shocking and misleading media campaign,” but the junket allegations were true

Crown Resorts released a brief statement saying it is currently examining the Bergin report which found its subsidiary Crown Sydney Gaming is not an “eligible person” Hold Sydney’s second casino license

Commissioner Patricia Bergin indicated that both companies may be able to make changes that make them suitable for owning the license or working closely with the licensee

The future of James Packer’s 36 percent controlling stake in Crown Resorts is not the subject of explicit knowledge, but Commissioner Bergin says the NSW gambling regulator may be considering whether he will continue to be an approved associateâ ???? of the licensee

???? Crown will work with the New South Wales Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) on the findings and recommendations of the Investigation Report provided for in the regulatory agreements between Crown, ILGA and the state of New South Wales, â ???? The company said in a statement to the ASX

In her report on the future of Sydney’s second casino license, Commissioner Patricia Bergin says that the name Crown is synonymous with the name Packer for many people

Packer is a majority shareholder in Crown Resorts with a 36 percent stake in the company. Crown Resorts is the parent company of Crown Sydney Gaming, the company that was licensed to Barangaroo Casino in 2014

An important question is whether, following the results of the Bergin report, Packer should be allowed to keep his stake in the Crown, and the Commissioner does not make any direct recommendations on this point

However, she says the NSW Gambling Authority needs to consider whether he will remain a recognized “close associate” from Crown Sydney Gaming on the explosive revelation that he sent a threatening email to a Melbourne businessman in 2015 when a privatization deal fell apart

Mr. Packer informed the investigation that his behavior – which he agreed to – was “shameful” and “shameful” – was the result of his bipolar disorder

â ???? Likewise, there is no doubt that the behavior was inconsistent with what was expected of a director of a public company and certainly a close associate of the licensee. There is obviously no doubt that Mr. Packer has been ill since thenâ ??? ?

Commissioner Bergin also recommends that NSW’s casino laws be amended so that no single shareholder can own, acquire, or transfer an interest of 10 percent or more in a casino licensee without government approval Casino regulator

She says Mr. Packer’s threatening email in 2016 and his evidence that the company forgot to award the Crown of Authority regarding the prevention of the late [Macau Casino Kingpin] Mr. Stanley have made an acquisition of a stake in Crown an appropriate basis on which the agency could decide to see if he remains a close associate of Crown Barangaroo

While the Bergin report focuses directly on Sydney’s second casino license and its holder, Crown Resorts subsidiary Crown Sydney Gaming, its recommendations are aimed at system reform

Commissioner Patricia Bergin recommends NSW establish the Independent Casino Commission, a “dedicated, self-contained, specialized casino regulator with the framework to address existing and emerging risks to games and casinos”

The ICC would have the powers of a permanent royal commission, and each casino operator would have to appoint an independent and suitably qualified compliance auditor approved by the ICC to report to the ICC annually on the casino operator’s compliance with its obligations under all legal provisions and the terms of his license?

Commissioner Bergin also recommends that the NSW Casino Control Act be amended to include a new objective: “Ensure that all licensed casinos prevent money laundering activities within their casino operations” ????

Andrew Wilkie, Independent MP for the Clark State Seat in Tasmania, has taken the results of the Bergin report to urge Crown Resorts to make inquiries about its casino licenses in Victoria and Western Australia

“Surely it goes without saying that Commissioner Bergin’s findings mean the company will not be able to continue operating a casino in Australia,” Mr Wilkie said

In her report on Sydney’s second casino license today, Commissioner Patricia Bergin stated that Crown Sydney Gaming, a subsidiary of Crown Resorts, was not an “eligible person” Keeping its Barangaroo Casino license, however, identified possible avenues the company could transform into a suitable person to keep the license

Mr Wilkie said he is calling on the Prime Ministers of Victoria and Western Australia to suspend Crown’s casino licenses in their jurisdictions and immediately set up investigative commissions to investigate what is now a truly national issue

â ???? I also urge the Prime Minister to reconsider my repeated calls in the Bundestag for a royal commission for the casino industry. These have so far been blocked by both the government and the opposition, and the question hangs heavily in the air: “What do you have to hide.” ? ”

Customer Service Secretary Victor Dominello, who oversees gambling regulation in the state, welcomed the Bergin report, saying it raised serious issues related to organized crime and money laundering in NSW

???? In 2019 the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority commissioned this report and gave the honorable Patricia Bergin SC powers of a Royal Commission he said

â ???? I would like to thank the Commissioner, her lawyer and the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority for their tireless work. The report raises, among other things, serious problems related to organized crime and money laundering in our community give a formal answerâ ????

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