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A series of selfies of yogurt dripping down the face of well-known Australian actor Dan Wyllie were used to expose a “fatal flaw” in his wife’s claims that he attacked her

The photos received from Daily Mail Australia were among the pieces of evidence that led the 50-year-old young actor to be stripped of allegations that he beat up director Shannon Murphy at her home in Woollahra last year

Ms. Murphy had admitted on Jan. Last March to have her flaxseed mixed yogurt dessert on Wyllie after he refused to watch a movie with her at home after a drink with neighbors

She then alleged that Wyllie attacked her – a Sydney court that heard allegations that he pushed her into the hallway, hit her repeatedly, and pressed her so hard to the floor she feared her jaw would “snap.” “

But Wyllie’s attorney Peggy Dwyer concluded Tuesday that Ms. Murphy viewed the attack as “an ongoing incident” and neglected to mention that the actor stopped to take pictures and videos of himself, that were splattered with yogurt

“She was directly caught in a bleak lie,” Ms. Dwyer said to Magistrate Greg Elks

The court heard that actor Dan Wyllie took this selfie with a face of Ms. Murphy’s yogurt and flaxseed after she gave it to him on Jan. March 2020 had tipped over the head

Charges dismissed: Australian actor Dan Wyllie (left) was killed on Jan. Found not guilty of assaulting his wife and mother of his child, director Shannon Murphy (right), on March 23, 2020

Ms. Murphy had claimed, according to Ms. Dwyer, that she “immediately regretted” pouring the yogurt on him, that Wyllie was upset that she wanted to see his phone, and then he pushed her down the hall and began, to attack them

But the alleged failure to mention the hiatus was a “major omission” in Ms. Murphy’s account of what happened, she argued

There was no explanation in Ms. Murphy’s statements as to how the photos in the short clip were taken, Ms. Dwyer


‘(Wyllie) takes a video of himself still covered in yogurt after wiping it out of his eye,’ recalled Ms. Dwyer

Ms. Murphy couldn’t explain it, and it’s a grave law enforcement error, a grave error in her credibility ‘

She described him in the clip as calm and frustrated, but not furious

Wyllie had always denied the assault charge, telling a police investigator who called him about the incident that he was only acting in self-defense to hold her back and prevent Ms. Murphy from harming herself, like from a document filed in court

A judge dismissed the assault charges on Tuesday, saying he could not find her beyond doubt and that Dan Wyllie’s wife was “less than honest” about what happened. Wyllie was on crutches this week

The police prosecutor told the court that the inconsistencies in Ms. Murphy’s account were “minor” and argued that she was a truthful witness

But Magistrate Elks said Ms. Murphy was “less than honest” about what happened that night, stating that she was the original attacker

“I think she was less than honest with the court about what really happened,” the judge said

In its decision, magistrates told Elk’s wife Murphy’s version of events, with the couple drinking with neighbors before returning to their Woollahra apartment

Wyllie then went into the guest room and refused to watch a movie with Mrs. Murphy, who then went into the kitchen to get yogurt for dessert, Magistrate Greg Elks recalled

But then, ‘(Ms. Murphy) admitted to tipping the yogurt with flax over her head,’ the judge said in his ruling

Ms. Murphy claimed Wyllie was angry about the yogurt attack, told her it was over, you bastard, and stormed into the bathroom, according to the judge’s summary of her allegations

Ms. Murphy claimed that she then picked up Wyllie’s phone to see what he saw in the room. She then claimed that Wyllie tossed her into the hallway

Ms. Murphy claimed that Wyllie pinned her on the wall and that a piece of art fell to the floor behind her.She then claimed that he hit her from behind and punched her up to 10 times.

At one point, she claimed to have fainted briefly. With another, she claimed that her head was pressed so hard to the floor that she felt her jaw was going to “crack”, the judge said

But Wyllie – who the court heard had lost work on the charges – always denied his wife’s version of events and the charges against him were dismissed

Actress Toni Collette was dragged into the case, according to the court (above on Monday), speaking to Wyllie’s character

Prosecutors described Ms. Murphy as an “honest” witness who made “an open and frank admission” to the court to hit Wyllie on the phone

Mr. Elks described Ms. Murphy as an evasive witness who tended not to answer the questions asked Instead, she gave detailed answers that presented her in a better light

“She was not a formidable witness, and I felt she had tailored her evidence to a scenario in which she was the original assailant,” the judge said

In his decision, Magistrate Elks said he was also “unsettled” by a revelation that Ms. Murphy had once told the police that what she had told them before was not true

“A lie is a lie, and that takes a great look at the applicant’s evidence,” said the judge

The judge said Ms. Murphy’s evidence had been “grossly disgraced” by a “lie” she told the police

The judge added that any police officer who saw her after the recorded incident saw no visible injuries to Ms. Murphy

‘In my opinion, the knockdown of 10 blows by the defendant would have led to considerable injuries. In the photos there is clearly no significant injury to be seen, ”the judge stated

Award Winning: Wyllie (right) won a 2004 Silver Logie for his role in Foxtel’s Love My Way Pictured left to right with co-stars Brendan Cowell, Ben Mendelsohn, Claudia Karvan and Asher Keddie

Dan Wyllie is ubiquitous in Australian drama and has appeared in shows ranging from A Country Practice to Offspring, Underbelly, Rake, Secret City and Puberty Blues to films like Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner, winning the Silver Logie in the year 2004

Wyllie has been married to film director Shannon Murphy since 2014.She worked for the Sydney Threatre Company.The couple have a daughter and until this incident lived together in Woollahra, Sydney’s eastern suburbs

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