Forbidden swimmer Shayna Jack collapsed on a social media video while desperately trying to delete her name

Australian swimmer Shayne Jack shared an emotional video on Instagram asking for support in her current legal battle

Forbidden swimmer Shayna Jack has burst into tears when she pleads with the Australian public to help her save her swimming career

Jack was suspended from swimming for four years after testing positive for the illicit substance ligandrol in July 2019

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Jack has consistently argued for her innocence in the Sports Arbitration Court and has cut her ban to two years, which would have allowed her to return to Japan for the 2022 World Cup

Jack’s reasoning consisted of three main arguments, including supplements that were contaminated during the manufacturing process, a blender used by her partner and brother could be contaminated, or she could have come into contact in a public swimming pool or gym can

In December 2020, Sport Integrity Australia and the World Anti-Doping Agency appealed the decision, while Jack now has to fight the charges again or accept the full length of the four-year ban

In a video on Instagram after setting up a GoFundMe, Jack revealed that the first court case hit them 130Costed $ 000 in legal fees, court fees, testing fees, and more that she and her family can’t afford

Jack said she lifted the two-year chin ban, but SIA and WADA decided to take her through the heartbreak one more time

“It breaks my heart every day when I can’t be in the pool with my teammates,” Jack said in the video as tears filled her eyes

“It breaks my heart every day that I am still against these people who I feel like I keep falling down on”

“I want to ask for your help to keep fighting I have no money and neither do my family. If I don’t fight I may be able to get the maximum ban because the next time I appeal, I will not be able to stand up for myself”

Quoting her trainer, Jack was talking about the last 50m of a 200m race when she said, “It will hurt, it will be painful, but I just have to do it until the end and that’s all I try ”

Jack was a gold medalist at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 and holds the world record for the 4x100m Freestyle Relay event

On the show, Jack told of her “living nightmare” fighting the case on the show

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Shayna Jack

Weltnachrichten – AU – “Fight for what is right”: Shayna Jack’s emotional plea for a ban on fighting