Finally the time has come. After a long and difficult year, we can now officially change our calendar to 1 Turn January and put 2020 in the rearview mirror

Despite all the obstacles we faced in this challenging year, Giants fans from all over the world have shown their strength, courage and perseverance every day and what it means to be #TogetherBlue

Here at the New York Giants, we wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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Get ready to say goodbye to 2020 and 2021! The beginning of a new year! #NYE picTwittercom / 53iX5jp2DK

On behalf of @Giants and @StopandShop, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to our Food Drive 2020.With your donations we have more than 8$ 000 raised for @ FoodBank4NYC! Each dollar offers 5 meals for those who need it most #TogetherBlue ImageTwittercom / IrAv3zNSKr

The Giants listed Daniel Jones as a full training participant for the second year running today, which means the quarterback was able to do whatever he would normally and is expected of him to do while the team does field work / p>

But if the Giants try to extend their season with a home win against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, the term “full participation” will take on a different meaning

Jones could take any offensive snap of the Giants as he did in any of the first 10 games of the season, but he admitted yesterday that the ongoing effects of the hamstring injury he sustained in Cincinnati on November 29 prevented that he uses both his legs and arm to propel the ball.Jones is the team’s runner-up rusher at 403 yards and 56 carry, but has had only one attempt at a three-yard run in the final moments of his last two games last week in Baltimore

“I’ve been playing out of my pocket for the past few weeks and I expect I’ll keep doing this until I’m well,” Jones said. “We’ll see what exactly, but I expect that the schedule and what I’m supposed to do are pretty much the same as in the past few weeks “

Coach Joe Judge would prefer his players not to discuss injuries, and while unhappy with Jones’ testimony, he showed no anger on his Zoom call today

“I read Daniel’s comments yesterday,” the judge said, “Probably a little more accommodating than I would have done right there. But as I said yesterday, we’ll do everything to win the game. But I can’t do it enough either stress I will always consider the health of the players, as we call the game. I can’t turn around like you said yesterday and take off the gloves “Well, the gloves are off and you’re exposing someone to long-term injury, that’s not Always the cheapest thing We will make sure that we always put our players in a position of strength, and that includes their health “

The Giants have a pivotal NFC East Showdown this Sunday as the Dallas Cowboys make their way to MetLife Stadium, depending on the outcome of the match between Philadelphia and Washington on Sunday night, the winner of that game has a chance to claim the division crown

Check out the video below to see two-time Super Bowl champion Carl Banks watch the Xs and Os for Sunday’s matchup against the Cowboys

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Happy New Year

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