If you’re like us, you got a good laugh recently at the misfortune of a Texas-based Rod Ponton attorney who rocked the internet when he accidentally turned himself into a cat, lives on a zoom Call

Well, not really. In fact, Ponton accidentally applied a filter to his webcam that made him take on the appearance of a virtual cat.While it’s undeniably funny to the casual observer, we can only imagine the embarrassment that Ponton has in the Moment felt

For the rest of us, applying filters in Zoom doesn’t have to be so random to avoid becoming the internet’s next laughing stock, we’ve put together a quick guide that shows how to apply filters to Zoom, and how You will get similar filters as Ponton itself

An attorney using Zoom was forced to tell a judge he wasn’t a cat after accidentally activating a face filter image on Twittercom / vChc14mjM1February 9, 2021

No software or third-party downloads are required to access Zoom’s standard video filters.If you haven’t already done so, first make sure you are signed in to Zoom and have downloaded the desktop client, which can be anything from the Zoom home page done

Next, make sure your webcam is connected to zoom and working. Poor quality or damaged webcams may not produce the desired effect So be sure to check this before proceeding to the next step

If you are signed in to Zoom in the desktop application, click your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen

Here, click Settings, then click & Background Filters, which you can find in the Settings pop-up on the left. If everything is OK, you will see a preview window of your webcam display with various options below

As a side note, the Virtual Backgrounds tab allows you to apply a background screenshot or video file.You can use some templates that Zoom has pre-installed.You can also import your own files by clicking the plus icon on this tab

What we’re really here for are those wonderful filters Click the Video Filters tab to explore a variety of pre-installed filters from Zoom Here is an example that shows our own mediocre creativity

That’s all well and good, but how do I complete my transformation into a cat, you might say we need to take some additional steps here, as more robust filters like Ponton’s Cat are not included in Zoom by default

The software that makes Rod Ponton look like a cat appears to be Live Cam Avatar, which is a fairly old app that used to come pre-installed on some Dell computers

Of course, none of these machines may just be lying around, so we recommend the next best

We recommend using the Snap Camera instead, which is a Snapchat desktop application that allows users to apply this app’s filters to their webcam, just download the Snap Camera from the website and we’re good to go

With the Snap camera open on your desktop, select one of the many filters that will then be applied to your webcam’s display output

When you are satisfied with your selection, open Zoom again and start a new meeting from the Start menu

In the new window that opens you should see yourself on your webcam display Click the arrow next to the Start Video option at the bottom, from the drop-down menu that appears, just select “Align Camera” as the default output, and that’s it

You can now step into meetings and online social gatherings with friends and family as your favorite cat or as one of the many unique creatures and curiosities that Snap Camera offers

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