Hundreds of popular K-pop songs were removed from Spotify in a dispute with the South Korean music distributor Kakao M

Releases from well-known acts like Sistar, IU, Monsta X and Epik High have disappeared and the fans are frustrated

Spotify said its “existing license agreement” with Kakao M had “come to an end,” but was hoping the disruption would be temporary

Kakao M is South Korea’s top music distributor and is responsible for 375% of the songs were listed in the country’s Top 400 Yearly Song Chart in 2020

It also owns and operates the country’s best music streaming service, MelOn, with 881 million monthly active users

“Why do artists and fans always suffer when companies put greed over art?” said Tablo, the leader and producer of the hip-hop band Epik High

He said the sudden removal of their latest album, Epik High Is Here (Part 1) in January, was “against our will”

Apparently a disagreement between our distributor Kakao M & Spotify has caused our new album Epik High Is Here against our will to be unavailable worldwide regardless of who is to blame, why do artists and fans always suffer when companies greed put over art?

Although daily 60000 songs uploaded to Spotify, popular tracks can disappear overnight as the company’s agreements with record labels and rights holders expire. Users then see songs “greyed out” in their playlists

And it’s not just Spotify – any streaming service can remove or replace music without notifying you when deals expire and are renegotiated

We’re more used to video streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime, where movies and TV shows are turned on and off monthly on the menu However, music streamers tend to offer a more stable library

“Despite our best efforts, the existing license agreement with Kakao M (which covered all countries except South Korea) has come to an end,” it said

“The fact that we have not yet agreed on a new global deal is regrettable for your artists as well as for fans and listeners worldwide. We hope that this disruption is only temporary and that we can resolve the situation soon”

However, later that morning, Kakao M countered with its own statement claiming Spotify was the one who decided not to renew its agreement even after a request from Kakao M

It has been suggested that the move was linked to ongoing talks about the availability of their music on the South Korean version of Spotify, which was released four weeks ago

“Regardless of the domestic contract that we are still negotiating, on 28 We received a separate notification about the expiry of our license on February 1st and requested an extension of our existing global contract

“Due to Spotify’s policy of concurrent national and global contracts, our global contract has currently expired,” he continued

Artists whose discographies have at least partially disappeared include IU, Seventeen, Nu’est, Mamamoo, Epik High, Monsta X, Apink, Zico, Block B, Lovelyz, Brave Girls, CNBlue, Younha and many others

Artists whose content has been deleted on spotify, a Threadweikim that the Boyzd1cebibiminseoiuvictonpink Fantasyepik Highcherry Bulletoneuse’lastcravitygiriboyjunekim sunggyubae173moonbyuldpr livewh3nwoo! Ah! hyolyncode kunstdrippinjannabijukjae !

Meanwhile, a fan account for boy band Seventeen stated that the total number of streams has dropped more than 1 billion since last week

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