Controversial AFL personality Sam Newman has come in defense of Eddie McGuire, suggesting it was a’ shame ‘the former President of Collingwood was forced to’ do better after ‘the aftermath of the racism report “To withdraw

McGuire stepped down from his leadership role with the Magpies on Tuesday after critics urged him to step down as president after the press conference botched news that the Collingwood organization had “systemic racism throughout its history.” “Gave

Newman, who sat alongside McGuire on The Footy Shaw panel for many years, believes that his ex-colleague was treated unfairly and that the entire campaign to evict him had nothing to do with racism

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“It’s an absolute shame what happened to Eddie McGuire,” Newman told FIVEaa Adelaide on Tuesday

“Eddie McGuire is a great person, a great member of our community here in Melbourne, and in fact, he’s a great Australian

“He may have been wrong as everyone was wrong, but he tried his heart to correct what happened at this club

“It is totally unfair what you are doing to him and you should be ashamed of yourself

“Why should you single out him? He did his best He set up indigenous foundations in this club

“This has nothing to do with racism. It is absolutely unfairly condemned by anyone and everyone for thinking this is a great, politically correct opportunity to score

McGuire was President of Collingwood for 23 years following his appointment in 1998 He led the football club to the 2010 Premier League and to a healthy financial position

His comments that the results of the “Do Better” report were a “historic and proud day” for Collingwood ultimately led to the public pressure that forced his resignation

McGuire was moved to tears when he announced his departure from Collingwood with immediate effect The administrator was already planning to step down at the end of the season

“I try my best and I don’t always get it right, but I keep trying. With immediate effect, I am stepping down from the presidency of Collingwood Football Club today,” McGuire said during a press conference Tuesday,

“That’s why I say we’re not a racist club Far from it. That’s why I am so proud of our club and the people who benefit from it every day of the week and are inspired by the purpose of being Collingwood”

Eddie McGuire resigns

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