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The cops return to the local hardwood tonight to end a couple of back-to-back weekend games by meeting the Golden State Warriors.Fans can catch the action live on local TV and radio from 7:00 p.m. (NBC Sports Chicago / WSCR-AM 670 / TUDN, Univision 1200AM) track

After today’s competition, Chicago will travel to our nation’s capital to play two games against the Washington Wizards, starting at 6:00 p.m. (CT) on Tuesday and ending at 4:00 p.m. (CT) Thursday afternoon

Tonight, both the Bulls and the Golden State are looking for their first win of the new season, today’s competition is also the third of four games at the Eastern Conference for the Warriors, who started the 2020-21 campaign and 125 Losing -99 to the Nets in Brooklyn before spending Christmas in Milwaukee and falling 138-99 to the Bucks After today’s clash with the Bulls, the Dubs travel to Motown to meet with the Pistons on Tuesday night before heading to Go home to City by the Bay to start a seven-time homestand

The Bulls, on the other hand, were able to open the new season at home against Atlanta Wednesday and Indiana last night, but were still defeated in both games The Chicago defense was downright terrible, with Indiana breaking the century mark in the fourth quarter of just over a minute yesterday while Atlanta reached three-digit numbers at the opener in the middle of the third quarter

After a solid 12-minute opening against the Pacers last night to take a 28-27 lead on a quarter, Indiana turned the defensive heat up and a landslide of turnovers and missed open shots piled up, resulting in a 21- 0 Pacers led running to change the complexion of the game. For the night, Indiana scored 25 points from 20 Bulls sales. At the opener earlier in the week, Atlanta scored 29 points from 17 Chicago mistakes

Another worrying new season trend that Chicago must address immediately if they are to give themselves a chance to turn things around is to show their presence on the boards and under the basket, both Atlanta and Indiana have that low post high pressure dominated The Hawks bounced back from Chicago at 46:37, outperforming the Bulls at 50:44 in the Indiana color also wrestled with control of the glass, 49-41, and bullied Chicago with all their might in the color, leaving the Bulls 76-34 behind, so it is pretty obvious that if the Bulls are to stop the bleeding they will have to tie themselves together defensively, making a concerted effort to turn the color off and force Golden State, only controversial ones Start shots far from the tire

On the offense, the cops must trust each other by freely sharing the ball, skipping it from player to player and side to side, and forcing the warriors’ defenses on their heels for most of the night the ball cannot close Long in the hands of a player Constant ball and player movements are key to creating a free flowing offensive rhythm

The Warriors come into play tonight after beating the Bulls six times in a row, including the last three at United Center All-Star Steph Curry is also healthy again, shooting from the depths He’s just a 3- Pointer away from becoming the third player in NBA history to finish 2nd500 Treys records in his career (Ray Allen, Jan.973 / Reggie Miller, Jan.560) Curry has also made his last 55 free throw attempts so the Chicago guards can’t relax when it comes to keeping an eye on Curry and shadowing him all over the floor tonight

Another warrior to watch out for is rookie center James Wiseman who is the No. 1 was 2 overall selection in this year’s draft The 19-year-old 7-foot rookie scored a total of 37 points in his first two games as a pro. Against Milwaukee on Christmas Day, Wiseman scored 18 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks

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Bulls vs Warriors

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