Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja gave a powerful glimpse into his later career and gave his biggest piece of advice to young players

While he may not be on the national team right now, Khawaja explained why he was enjoying his cricket more than ever at this stage of his career

“It’s so hard when you’re young because I think you deserve the right to enjoy the trip at the same time, when you’ve put in hard work and time in the nets and a lot of effort, and most of all, you have fun

“You will enjoy it more in the second half of your career because you know what to expect You kind of went through the experience “

“I’m not going to lie Cricket is a very difficult game, whether now or when I was young. It has never been an easy game

Khawaja’s name was mentioned briefly when Australia was looking for a consistent opening pair at the test level, but he says he got used to blocking out the “white noise”

“I am saying that I try to convey this to many young people and new people who come in to acquire this skill at a young age because the earlier you can develop, the easier it will be for you later, because it is so”It’s very hard to block out that white noise,” he said

“To be honest, I probably wasn’t very good at it when I was younger. I read a lot in the press and I let myself be influenced by it a lot. I just stay in the moment now, trying to pay attention to where I am. Right now everything is spinning to the BBL

“I’ve learned from this in the past, and I’ve said it before, some things you can’t control. I only control when I’m out there, what I can do for the team, and I’ve been for a long time Time learned “

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Usman Khawaja

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