Australian singer Kylie Minogue has confirmed that the upcoming musical based on her hits is still “definitely happening” “The project has been in the works for a while and has fans lamenting it Minogue has stated the process is taking much longer than expected, with further delays due to COVID-19

William Baker, Minogue’s longtime friend, collaborator, and stylist, is working with her on the upcoming musical.No confirmed date has been offered for fans to expect it to hit theaters, but hopefully Minogue’s most recent confirmation will that he is still to allay some fears

The pop star released her latest album, “Disco”, amid the pandemic, admitting she had mixed feelings about the global climate wasn’t exactly one for people to go to discos, with most of them closed, and she was concerned that it might not be the right time for the album

Ultimately, she decided to finish “Disco” in her home studio in London and make it available to the world, realizing that there would be no point in not sharing her work. As with her musical, the creation and recording of the Albums faltered and difficult due to COVID-19 but their determination and hard work definitely paid off “Disco” has captured the hearts of fans and critics alike

“Disco” is Minogue’s fifteenth studio album and complements an impressive discography that includes 13 compilation albums, 11 remix albums, nine extended pieces, eight live albums and two new editions. The hard-working entertainer has also made 21 Has starred in films and 29 television shows and voted for three video games

With a string of awards and nominations for her name, legions of fans, and live shows to amaze and excite all who see her, Minogue has become one of the most successful and popular pop stars of all time, and she admittedly nervously about the new musical and how well it is being received by the notoriously tough theater critics But if her previous work has anything left to offer, she can be sure that it will bring another success to her incredible career

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