A mysterious woman reportedly turned Lady Gaga’s dogs over to the police after the pooches were caught in a violent attack on Wednesday

Worrying footage has emerged when armed men opened fire on Lady Gaga’s dog walker when the singer received a reward of 500Offers $ 000 for the return of her two bulldogs

A mysterious woman has reportedly turned Lady Gaga’s dogs over to police after the pooches were caught in a violent attack on Wednesday Image: Emma McIntyre / Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Lady Gaga’s two French Bulldogs were safely recovered after being stolen by violent thieves on Wednesday

The puppies were recovered intact today after a mysterious woman brought the dogs to the LAPD Olympic Community Police Station

According to Capt. Jonathan Tippett, commanding officer of the Elite Robbery and Murder Division, the woman appears “uninvolved and unrelated” with the Wednesday night attack

â ???? I keep loving you Ryan Fischer, you risked your life to fight for our family Are you a hero forever? Gaga said in an Instagram post about her dog walker picture: InstagramSource: Instagram

Earlier today, a disturbed Lady Gaga poured out her heart on social media asking the public for help

“My beloved dogs Koji and Gustav were taken in Hollywood two nights ago. My heart is sick and I pray that my family will get well with an act of kindness,” she shared on Instagram

Your heartfelt plea came shortly after police released a description of the suspects to the public

The Los Angeles Police Department released a statement detailing the physical appearance of the robbers in the hopes that the public will be able to identify them

The first suspect is described as “male, black, 20-25 years old, blonde dreadlocks, with a black hoodie and armed with a semi-automatic pistol,” police explained. The second suspect is also described as “male, black, 20- 25 years old, wearing dark clothing “described”

Currently the police only have CCTV footage of the singer’s dog walker being brutally shot to get to Gaga’s beloved pets

The man was reportedly shot four times in the chest by gunmen who stole two of the superstar’s three beloved bulldogs on Wednesday night in Los Angeles

The dog walker Ryan Fischer – described by Lady Gaga’s father Joe Germanotta as a “friend” who “risked his life to protect the dogs” – left on Wednesday evening around 2140pm walk on North Sierra Bonita Ave near Sunset Boulevard with the celebrity pets he was ambushed

Disruptive footage was created about the shocking incident, which was recorded by house surveillance and received by TMZ

It shows a white limousine pulling up next to Mr. Fischer before two men jump out of the car

You can hear Mr. Fischer screaming: “No! Help me! “As he tried to grab the three dogs

“Give it up!” yelled one of the attackers as they struggled to steal the dogs. They escaped with two dogs, Gustav and Koji

“Help me, I was shot, I’m bleeding from my chest,” says Mr. Fischer to a local who rushed to his aide as he weighed Miss Asia

Lady Gaga – who is currently in Italy – is so upset that she is 630Is offering $ 000 to get their dogs back with no questions asked, Post sources told

A LAPD spokesman said the investigation is being conducted by the ministry’s elite robbery and murder division

According to the latest police statement, the victim is said to be in a stable condition

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Source: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/police-appeal-to-the-public-for-help-in-identifying-violent-thieves-that-stole-lady-gagas-dogs/news-story/7329d4d384e790567127e0b66afd4f7c