The AFC playoff field is getting tighter and not all of the titans, bay horses, stallions, dolphins and ravens can reach the postseason On Sunday the Ravens (8-5) are the first team to be canceled

The Dolphins need a win to stay ahead of the Ravens in the AFC playoff race and Tua Tagovailoa has scored two hits of 14 and 11 yards for a total of 165 yards with Miami leading New England 22-12, end of fourth quarter

Baltimore take care of the Jaguars as expected, and the Ravens are 40-7 ahead of the game’s big news: Dez Bryant scored his first touchdown since December 10, 2017 when he played with the Cowboys Lamar Jackson met Bryant towards the end of the first half for an 11 yard score

In other important AFC matchups, Philip Rivers’ second touchdown pass for Zach Pascall – this one with 1:47 in the game – and a late defensive stop of the defense was just enough for the Colts to beat the Texans (27) – 20 In Nashville, the Titans pulled out of the Lions (39-25) in the fourth quarter, and Derrick Henry has his ninth 100-yard rushing game of the season

In Game of the Day, Drew Brees will play for the Saints (10-3) for the first time since November 15 and be on time for the Chiefs (12-1) and Patrick Mahomes to read New Orleans They play at 4:25 p.m. ET Preview the full game and more for Week 15 of The Athletic

There are already three games coming up in week 15: The Chargers defeated the Raiders on Thursday night, while the Bills (11-3) beat AFC East on Saturday by defeating the Broncos and the Packers (11-3) taking one ugly victory Saturday night against the Panthers

Antonio Brown’s first touchdown with the Bucs is massive – 46 yards from Tom Brady to give Tampa Bay a 31-27 lead over the Falcons in the fourth quarter. The Bucs were 17-0 behind at halftime Met in the second half on all five possessions – Greg Auman

I didn’t think I’d say that, but the Hawks miss Isaiah Oliver Tyler Hall on Antonio Brown is such a disparity and the Bucs let the Falcons pay with a 46 yard TD pass Tampa Bay takes the lead in Atlanta 31-27 – Tori McElhaney

If the Falcons Koo no longer lead after this year, it will be a farce He will keep the Falcons alive with a 52-yard field goal Falcons 27, Bucs 24 – Tori McElhaney

After 17 in the second half, the Bucs bounced back to tie the Falcons between 24 and 24 in Atlanta in the fourth quarter, with the final ride stalling in the end zone Brady incompletely threw third from the 9-yard line and Tampa Bay picked a 27-yard field goal from Ryan Succop with 11:11 – Greg Auman

With Isaiah Oliver shaken on this final ride, the Falcons are playing Tom Brady with a very exhausted secondary school but they hold on and come to a stop Succop’s 27 yard FG is good and we’re in Atlanta tied at 24-all – Tori McElhaney

The Bucs are back in the ball game in Atlanta. Three touchdowns in the third quarter, two from Leonard Fournette, brought a 17-0 deficit to just 24-21 with a full quarter to go. Tom Brady threw 188 yards in the third quarter alone – Greg Auman

The Bucs offense has joined today’s game, with two long touchdown drives to open the second half. The Falcons are still leading 24-14 but Tom Brady has a touchdown and 109 yards on the two drives thrown, with Leonard Fournette scoring one point and Chris Godwin catching the other The defense gave up a touchdown in between If the Bucs are to rally, both sides must be reinforced – Greg Auman

If Bucs ‘offense worsens, it may be because the Falcons’ offense continues to respond, Bucs hits again with a Brady touchdown pass to Godwin Falcons 24, Bucs 14 – Tori McElhaney

The falcons answer with their own touchdown Ryan finds Hurst from a distance of seven meters. On this day, Calvin Ridley also exceeds 100 reception yards Falken around the clock over the Bucs – Tori McElhaney

The offense by Bucs was evident in the first round of the second half. Finally, from a meter away, it hit a Falcons 17, Bucs 7 – Tori McElhaney

The Bucs have been dominated in Atlanta for half the time, are 17-0 behind the Falcons and show very little on either side of the ball.Another opposing quarterback cuts up the Bucs Secondary and is under very little pressure – Matt Ryan is 23 -for-31 for 235 yards and two touchdowns while Tom Brady is only 10-for-16 for 70 yards. How well can the Bucs recover in the second half? – Greg Auman

Falcons lined up another good run, but fell short in the red zone with 15 seconds to go Younghoe Koo joins from 32 meters to extend Atlanta lead 17-0 – Tori McElhaney

Ryan to Ridley for the 12-yard TD Great awareness of Ridley Falcons with 14-0 after another quality campaign in which the Falcons (finally) continued to use their deep arsenal of offensive weapons Ryan connected up with the likes of Keith Smith and Laquon Treadwell on this ride – Tori McElhaney

Another slow start for the Bucs, who saw the Falcons march down the field on the inaugural run and fall 7-0 in Atlanta in the second quarter.The Bucs are 4-1 on third runs and Matt Ryan is already over 100 Yards thrown without the injured Julio Jones Will the Bucs offensive wake up just like their defense with two straight three-and-out games? – Greg Auman

Well, I would argue that this is one of the best opening rides the Falcons have done all year long. Dirk Koetter got everyone involved: Gurley, Ito, Ridley, Hurst and Gage That missed them this year Matt Ryan finished the ride with a touchdown to Gage in the Falken corner to 7-0 – Tori McElhaney

With 9:03 remaining, the Dolphins lead the Patriots 15-12. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Tua Tagovailoa picked herself up for the touchdown, and the Dolphins were successful in the subsequent two-point conversation. New England responded with his fourth field goal of the game Werden Tagovailoa and the Dolphins will be able to extend their lead and also lose a good part of the watch on that next trip? – Josh Tolentino

What a reaction from Miami’s offense from the break Dolphins open the third quarter with a 9-game drive of 72 yards Salvon Ahmed hits it at the goal line Tua Tagovailoa only threw one pass that drive dolphins lead 7-6 in third quarter – Josh Tolentino

Reigning Defensive Player of the Year Stephon Gilmore suffered a right knee injury in the second quarter and is doubtful that he will return.He got his cleat stuck in the grass when he changed direction while covering Mack Hollins, and Gilmore immediately went down and clutched his knee. Two trainers helped him as he walked slowly to the locker room. It didn’t look good – Jeff Howe

The Dolphins follow 6-0 at halftime Jason Sanders misses a field goal attempt from 52 yards at the end of the first half. He missed a kick for two consecutive weeks – Josh Tolentino

Tua made his first seven passes before intercepting his second career. JC. Jackson stopped a formidable drive through the Dolphins that started on their own 2-yard line. New England responds with a field goal. The Patriots lead 3-0, less than nine minutes in the first half – Josh Tolentino

It’s over now, an unlucky Lions fake punt prepares the Titans for a short field and short touchdown pass for AJ Brown for a 39-18 lead with 9 minutes left The working day is probably over for Derrick Henry too and it doesn’t have enough for his offer for 2000 yards done. He’s 22 years old and carries 141 meters. Think of that as a disappointment! – Joe Rexrode

Titans 32, Lions 17, 2:30 PM 4Q Tennessee urgently had to respond after Detroit was within six and it did Ryan Tannehill’s 20-yard strike in third and eleventh place, then Derrick Henry’s 33-yard run third and first place, resulted in a 3 yard Tannehill TD run Henry started the day averaging 156 yards in his last three games to 2000 reach He has 141 yards on 22 stretches today. Keep feeding him Mike Vrabel – Kyle Tucker

After a 38 yard field goal from Stephen Gostkowski on the horn, there are 24-15 Titans halfway through Derrick Henry has 14 carry places for 80 yards and a score Ryan Tannehill is 11 for 14 for 182 yards and a score The Titans can do what they want on offense Still, Matthew Stafford is here to play and gets the ball after the break – Joe Rexrode

Titans 21, Lions 15, 1:02 2Q Adoree ‘Jackson is back but Tennessee’s secondary school still stinks Matthew Stafford carves them, now 16 out of 21 for 170 yards.He has completed dime depths of 44 and 39 meters on consecutive trips and this should be a 21 point game if not fumbling the Lions goal line Detroit is of course 6 out of 8 in third place – Kyle Tucker

And just when the titans got all the swing a Lions defensive game at the expense of the titans? Yeah, a sack of Ryan Tannehill and safety, and LT David Quessenberry bumped into an attempted cutting block Now the Lions are 21-9 with the ball down and get it after half time, a chance to play some, stay out and back in Game To Come – Joe Rexrode

Well the Titans can name their score and get some serious highlights. It’s 21-7 after a 17 yard run by Ryan Tannehill, though the big moment was Derrick Henry stiffly armed Alex Myres and him like one Child threw aside Henry has 12 carry places for 70 yards. The only thing that can stop him today is the Titans come forward enough that Mike Vrabel puts him – Joe Rexrode

Titans 14, Lions 7, 1:22 1Q That Was Fast Ryan Tannehill, who played for the first time after the TD march in Detroit, uncorked a deep ball for Corey Davis being led by his husband, and winced catching the shoulders to end the 75-yard touchdown. Tannehill is now 6 out of 6 for 126 yards and a TD that’ll work. And Corey Davis gets paid a lot, by the way – Kyle Tucker

Adoree ’Jackson made his debut, but it didn’t matter. The Lions marched right across the field to end the game Matthew Stafford hit Marvin Jones for a 2 yard touchdown. Stafford’s ability to play in this game makes it dangerous for the Titans They put up very little resistance – Joe Rexrode

Titans 7, Lions 0, 8:40 1Q Can’t do much better on an inaugural drive For Detroit it was death by a thousand paper cuts Tennessee was methodical: 12 games, 75 yards, 7 runs, 5 passes Ryan Tannehill 5 of 5, throwing darts while Derrick Henry had seven trages, one catch, and 3-yard TD rumble. This is what you should be doing against average to bad teams as a competitor – Kyle Tucker

The JD. The McKissic Revenge Game is on The WFT running back meets his old team and it’s 20-15, Seattle, here in the fourth quarter – Michael-Shawn Dugar

Washington just took a 96-yard scoring run. Really impressive, but Seattle is still leading by two points. We’re at the start of the fourth quarter and it’s 20-9 – Michael-Shawn Dugar

The Seahawks will face Washington 13: 3. An ideal half for Seattle, which can claim a playoff spot with a win today – Michael-Shawn Dugar

It’s 6-0 in favor of the Seahawks DK Metcalf has no target Washington has done a hell of a job with him so far – Michael-Shawn Dugar

Lamar Jackson meets TE Mark Andrews for a 3-yard TD pass and that could be the last we see from Jackson today, or at least it should be that Ravens lead 40-7 with just under 10 minutes of play time Sam Koch has Not yet encountered today – Jeff Zrebiec

Lamar Jackson comes into play from 5 meters away and Ravens leads 4:35 in the third quarter 33: 7 A defensive stop here and it might not be long before uncovered rookie Tyler Huntley makes his first NFL snap – Jeff Zrebiec

Justin Tucker misses the weapon from 57 yards Ravens goes 26-0 into halftime They beat the Jaguars 224-61 Jaguars are averaging 21 yards per game and Gardner Minshew has been sacked 4 times – Jeff Zrebiec

Lamar Jackson hits Dez Bryant for an 11-yard TD.Bryant holds the ball and gets a long hug from Harbaugh as he comes to the sidelines, which is Bryant’s first TD since December 10, 2017 in the Cowboys’ 30-10 win over Giants Ravens now leads 26-0 against Jaguars at the end of the second quarter – Jeff Zrebiec

More points for Ravens and it was way too easy for rookie RB JK Dobbins He lets it in untouched from two meters away for a TD Pips were confused by the movement before it snapped Ravens 16-0 with 14:14 in 2 Quarter leaving so far, they are doing what a high-profile team should do with an over-fulfilled squad that plays the string – Jeff Zrebiec

Ravens on a Jaguars team with 1 win early Miles Boykin climbs up to receive a 4 yard TD pass from Lamar Jackson Ravens early on the Jaguars, 9-0, at the 6:35 mark of the first Quarter – Jeff Zrebiec

If you have to beat the Texans, you throw it at TY Hilton The Colts star recipient grabs a 41-yard pass to field his team at 2:00 in a 20-20 game at the 3-yard line in Houston – Zak Keefer

What a disastrous sequence that was – Indy wins a challenge and makes third-and-inch instead of first-and-goal – Texans called for a false start at the next game – Colts hold third place and force Houston to deal with FG satisfied to give Indy until 17-13 – Aaron Reiss

Deshaun Watson has been fired four times, fumbled once, and the Colts averaged seven3 yards / game … but the Texans only fell between 14 and 10 at halftime. The reason? Watson is 15/21 for 199 yards (95 YPA) and 1 TD – Aaron Reiss

After 5 catches in 101 yards vs. Chad Colsen, the Colts in his first game off the training team, has another big day against Indy Two catches for 55 yards and a TD on that drive to make it 14-7 Indy – Aaron Reiss

Did I mention that Texans only have two healthy corners? Philip Rivers carves Houston open in the first half, just like last time. He’s already hit two touchdowns and the first quarter isn’t even over – Aaron Reiss

Two forced fiddles (Dorance Armstrong, DeMarcus Lawrence) in the first quarter made the difference as the cowboys turned into touchdowns each (Tony Pollad, Michael Gallup) but the 17-14 halftime lead won’t last if the cowboys don’t hit the ground can so far carry 10 only 28 meters RB Tony Pollard made a bigger impression in the passing game (5 catches, 51 meters) – Jon Machota

Nick Mullens has a very good game from Nick Mullens in the first half today that is full of mistakes and offensive moves.This is further evidence of the late-season efforts of these 49ers: despite the weekly mistakes, Kyle Shanahan believes Mullens is better than CJ Beathard He had several chances of going to Beathard and no it’s understandable – Tim Kawakami

The offense ended its touchdown drought in the third quarter when David Montgomery turned it on from 11 yards (he has a season high of 22 rushes for 117 yards) The running game and passing game work hand in hand, but the defense can do its job ? The Vikings scored 10 points in the third quarter The goal-line stop could prove crucial The Bears are 27-20 ahead – Kevin Fishbain

You’d think the Bears would like to score 20 points in the first half of the road, but a few misses in third and short place forced them to be content with field goals Montgomery? 12 carries trubisky for 65 meters? 10 out of 14 for 109 yards Dalvin Cook has 79 yards to reach the Vikings and they get the ball to start the second half. Does the defense have a snack? Bears 20, Vikings 10 – Kevin Fishbain

Dolphins: Rookie offensive lineman Solomon Kindley is injured and needs support to get to the sidelines Veteran backup Michael Dieter is now on the left – Josh Tolentino

Chiefs: LT Eric Fisher is up for tonight’s game against Saints as expected. Fisher missed two training sessions this week with a tight back injury. CB DeAndre Baker, the former first-round player, will make his Chiefs debut after being removed from the training team became – Nate Taylor

Patriots: Patriots star cornerback Stephon Gilmore, Defensive Player of the Year 2019, leaves the game in the second quarter with a leg injury – Josh Tolentino

Cowboys: Cowboys inactive: RB Ezekiel Elliott, QB Ben DiNucci, WR Malik Turner, CB Rashard Robinson, DE Bradlee Anae, LB Luke Gifford, DE Ron’Dell Carter The Cowboys discovered during the pre-game warm-up that Elliott Couldn’t play due to a calf injury He didn’t train last week This will be the first game Elliott missed because of an injury in his NFL career – Jon Machota

Titans: Inactive Titans vs. Lions: p Kenny Vaccaro, CB Kristian Fulton, OLB Brooks Reed, RB D’Onta Foreman, C Daniel Munyer, TE Geoff Swaim, DL Larrell Murchison You’ll find CB Adoree ‘Jackson isn’t on that list Looks like he’s finally making his 2020 debut that’s potentially huge for a shaky secondary school Jackson, the former Thorpe- Award winner and first choice, gives the Titans two top notch CBs – Kyle Tucker

Washington: The team didn’t announce QB2, but Steven Montez is out there taking pregame snaps right after Dwayne Haskins – Ben Standig

Falcons: Kaleb McGary (personal matter) and James Carpenter (groin) are playing Tampa Bay Julio Jones, Qadree Ollison, Darqueze Dennard, Ricardo Allen, John Wetzel and Marlon Davidson today – Tori McElhaney

Buccaneers: Bucs’ inactivity is our game today with the Falcons – they have neither Donovan Smith nor Ronald Jones (both on the COVID-19 reserve list) but all of their regular specialists kicker Ryan Succop, punter Bradley Pinion and Long snapper Zach Triner spent all of the time on the COVID-19 reserve list but was cleared in time to play in Atlanta today – Greg Auman

Ravens: Some big names for the Ravens aren’t going to play against the Jaguars today DE Calais Campbell (calf) and CB Marcus Peters (calf) are both out RB Mark Ingram is a healthy scratch that seemed inevitable since he left last week had only played one stroke and Ravens had to hold an extra corner to cover injuries – Jeff Zrebiec

Saints: The Saints Put Jameis Winston on the COVID-19 List Given this late period, the Saints would have a problem if something happened again to Drew Brees, since Taysom Hill spends his week doing his numerous roles in other meetings, Hill is only the backup if he has a full week of preparation. This could also mean that Hill’s intended role is suddenly minimized in an emergency – Katherine Terrell

Saints: I find it hard to believe the Saints would turn to Jameis Winston as a replacement QB, considering how Taysom Hill has played in its four starts but New Orleans has no choice today if Drew Brees leaves the game. It would have to turn to Hill – Larry Holder

Patriots: Shilique Calhoun is in the line-up after being activated from an injured reserve yesterday JJ Taylor returns after missing six games in a row, including the last three with a quad injury.Before that, he was a healthy scratcher curious about how Taylor gets into the mix with Sony Michel. Terrence Brooks is returning after being in for both games L was a healthy scratch – Jeff Howe

Patriots: Patriots Inactive List: RB Damien Harris (ankle) WR Donte Moncrief (thigh) QB Brian Hoyer TE Jordan Thomas CB Joejuan Williams Williams is a healthy scratch for the first time this season As a freshman he was a healthy scratch seven times Not ideal Harris and Moncrief are both out and about for the first time It’s the fourth deactivation for Thomas – Jeff Howe

Texans: Texans inactive: RB Duke Johnson, RB CJ Prosise, CB Phillip Gaines, CB John Reid, OT Charlie Heck, QB Josh McCown, DT Andrew Brown – Aaron Reiss

Bears: Bears Inactive Buster Skrine Jaylon Johnson Deon Bush Artavis Pierce Lachavious Simmons Khalil Mack, Jimmy Graham and James Vaughters are all active CB Xavier Crawford is active after being called up by the training team – Kevin Fishbain

Lions: Matthew Stafford is active Lions updated both Chase Daniel and David Blough today just in case Detroit’s inactivity in Tennessee: C Frank Ragnow WR Kenny Golladay CB Darryl Roberts OT Tyrell Crosby RB Jonathan Williams G Logan Stenberg DE Kareem Martin – Chris Burke

Washington: Washington’s inactivity for week 15: QB Alex Smith RB Antonio Gibson RB Lamar Miller WR Dontrelle Inman OT David Steinmetz LB Cole Holcomb LB Kevin Pierre-Louis 3 quarterbacks active Michael Warren rose from PS to serve as third RB – Ben Standig

Bears: The Bears will have no corners today Buster Skrine and Jaylon Johnson versus Vikings Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen his secondary coach Deshea Townsend will also be out of the game due to a personal issue I would expect Kirk cousins ​​Duke Shelley and Chasing Kindle Vildor, which means collateral must provide help and pass rush home like last week – Kevin Fishbain

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