Another bracket for Ilkay Gundogan as City Spurs knocked aside and expanded their lead at the top

Jamie Jackson was at Etihad to see the final city procession. Here’s his report: Be About Your Business, Clickity Click! Thank you for reading this MBM Stay Safe and Warm, everyone good night Dick!

Here comes the judge “It was a fresh team against a very tired team” begins Mourinho But a team that started the game very well and has the game completely under control We hit the post, 1-0 would have us given the guys fuel ???? Legs Then one of those modern penalties – I call them modern penalties – to put us in a difficult situation. But I’m very happy with the players ???? Attitude I had people on the court who played two hours a few days ago, they gave everything We got people in trouble Lucas was the one I picked up at half time but I had other people on the court in such a difficult situation But great attitude and great dignity If a team that is not united or together loses 3-0, they would give up and be punished. But I’ve seen people like Harry, Pierre and Heung just to tell you three names, the I could give you, give it my all, so I have nothing to say against my payers, not even a few defensive mistakes that are always there But I can’t complain about the attitude a ???? There is a lot to unpack there Enjoy Enjoy

Rodri, who received the first penalty of his entire career tonight, explains to Sky the process.I was a bit angry because we missed a lot of penalties, so I said I will shoot the next penalty, I grabbed the ball and nobody took the ball away from me Luckily I scored! [Silva gave me advice] told me points about Lloris where to take the penalty I wasn’t listening! I did not listen! Because it’s often better to focus on where you are confident and I was confident to shoot that way, luckily it was in We laughed in the locker room, the next punishment I’ll take! Â ????

As the players head out, Mourinho hugs Kane, Son, and a deeply unfortunate Dier ostentatiously his team will certainly need a pick-me-up after being casually knocked aside by City, which was another fascinating feat, especially from City and Ilkay Gundogan you hope that the groin injury he hobbled with isn’t too serious. They’re seven ahead of Leicester with a game in hand; Eight ahead of neighbors Manchester United with the same number of games played and they are 13 points clear, with one game in hand, against Liverpool, the reigning champions, but now an irrelevance in the title race Spurs remain in eighth place

City is seven times ahead of second-placed Leicester City and their 16th victory in the Premier League with their eleventh win in a row in all competitions

90 min 3: Mahrez dribbles in from the right, but loses the track of his feet when the room opens for shooting

90 min 1: Another Spurs corner son swings it one Ederson claims and sends Mahrez to the counter Davies takes one for the team and receives his booking

90 min: Silva cuts in from the right and goes down to the left Lloris claims three minutes are added

89 min: Foden drifts out of the corner into the penalty area. He strolls past the unfortunate Sanchez and retires for Sterling, who changes his feet and shoots down to the right. Lloris stretches a leg and hacks clearly

88 min: Cancelo’s long pass finds Sterling on the left in space. He wins a corner in front of Sanchez

86 min: Sterling looks down to the right. The door closes this time, but City is after a fourth

84 min: Kane wins a corner at the bottom right. The resulting set piece turns his efforts into a futile textbook exercise

83 min: Foden slides a pass to the left and leaves Torres free on an acre of space. He has Sterling in the middle, but problems arise

81 min: The Gareth Bale from 2013 appears! At the edge of the D he stands across from Stones, Silva and Laporte. He flutters and trembles and makes his way through! Just enough room and time for a shot. He rasps one up to the right, but Ederson is ready and walks away with his palms. Too bad that would have been a nice target. The way it is, it’s just a nice cameo

79 min: Son and Cancelo come together in midfield. Son comes off worst. When he is treated, Mahrez comes for Jesus

77 min: This is because of a frustrated clatter on Jesus with the yellow card. He gave it to him, if you will, OK, I’ll stop now

74 min: Spurs try to piece together an answer, but passing sequences in the final third seems to go beyond that. The city likes to sit back and let them twirl around, “Thanks for reminding me how old I am” writes Mary Waltz Take the Rowan and Martin reference and suddenly you find that 89% of MBM readers have no idea who they are ???? You could always look them up in their funk & Wagnalls

71 min: Spurs lost their heads together until Kane Foden gives the ball straight while cleaning up a corner. Foden shoots a shot down to the right, but Lloris is good for that

69 min: A little shake of the head, and Gundogan is replaced by Torres City will hope that this is not too serious

68 min: Gundogan – two goals, one assist – has not been playable in the last few months, so City will worry about seeing him sitting on the grass holding his groin

That’s straightforward but so nice Ederson starts long it’s Gundogan vs Sanchez Spurs defender has no idea where he is or what to do Gundogan takes a small touch to the right and then back to the left as Sanchez spreads out , Gundogan goes gently down to the right. An exquisite finish and no bad support from the goalkeeper! Give this man a punishment

65 min: Lamela is booked for a cynical jerk on Cancelo’s jersey as the city’s right-back rages in the middle

63 min: The city has full control here. Metronomic passage Spurs can hardly get a touch

61 min: City had 31 touches in the opposition box Spurs had four City does it without Kevin De Bruyne and Sergio Aguero!

59 min: Sterling crosses from the right for a long time At the far post, Foden shoots back to Gundogan for the first time, free in the penalty area. If Gundogan takes his time, he’ll definitely score. But he tries to turn around and volleyball for the first time play, and one day it’s all wrong Spores go off on the other end, Ndombele has a speculative look from inside the box, but it’s an easy claim for Ederson

57 min: Foden grooves from the left and enters the box. Tanganga fires him off the ball in a no-nonsense style. Foden wants a spot kick, but he doesn’t come

56 min: Son crosses from a deep position on the left, but there is no one in the middle A simple claim for Ederson

55 min: City leans back and allows Spurs a sterile possession in the middle of the park

53 min: A little snow in the night air Nothing has been settled yet, but poor Jose has a cold

51 min: That’s nice support from Sterling, who was strolling around before cutting off a beautiful little diagonal dink infield for Gundogan

Sterling doesn’t give up. He winds around the left canal and feeds Gundogan, who shoots a fierce shot to the left down and through Lloris’ weak hand spurs are now disturbing

49 min: Sterling dribbles from right to left through the Spurs box. He can’t find a place to shoot. He lies down in Foden. There is no place for Foden either. But it doesn’t matter because

City starts second half Spurs have made a change: Sissoko for Moura “My poor father tries to watch this game online here in the US via NBC but reports that every link he clicks takes him to the instead Impeachment Path Leads”writes Nathan Tucker” I’ve noticed that watching Spurs this season is no different from watching the frustrating foregone conclusion of impeachment”Maybe someone at NBC is laughing ???? The network that gave us Seinfeld, Cheers, Parks, & Recreation and Friends, was reduced to trolling for Yuks? That it came to that Rowan and Martin will turn in their graves

Half-time reading He doesn’t say anything we haven’t figured out for ourselves, but Jürgen Klopp conceded the title after Liverpool’s most recent surrender David Hytner reports

Cancelo has just enough time to send a curler to the top left corner of the stand behind Lloris’ goal, and that’s the half-time whistle. As of today, City are at the top of the Premier League by seven points

44 min: The city is now relentlessly on Spurs to Spurs could use the whistle at halftime

42 min: Sterling turns right and reaches the sideline. He retires for Gundogan, whose low ride is blocked by an excellent Sanchez slide. The ball breaks to Jesus, who flies around town very close to double their lead / p>

40 min: Lamela is so outraged that he almost persuades himself into the book, but the referee does not carefully duplicate his mistake. Nothing comes out of the resulting free kick, so we can put the whole sad episode to bed

38 min: Lamela is tackled with scissors by Jesus No free kick Jesus scurries away with the ball Lamela throws him in frustration for free kick this time A philosophical debate ensues

36 min: Sterling crosses from the right Davies is right next to him and the ball is clinging to his arm Sterling wants another penalty, but he doesn’t get a

Man City

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