Authorities are furious that a woman who returned to Perth from Spain was able to escape hotel quarantine and roam the city for 12 hours over the weekend

Jenny D’Ubios, 49, has been in police custody since officers found her at Rockingham Hospital at 10 a.m. Saturday at 8 p.m.

Ms. D’Ubios sparked a citywide search after allegedly leaving her hotel quarantine at 10 a.m. on Saturday at 30 a.m. and out and about in various locations in Perth for a day before police found her at Rockingham Hospital on Saturday night / p>

However, the authorities now have to answer questions about how the woman escaped – and why the public was only alerted nine hours later

Ms. D’Ubios posted on social media before leaving the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth CBD to warn that she would “go out” and ask someone to come and help her

“If you don’t remove me from this hotel room today, if someone in Perth is brave enough to come and pick me up because I’m going down there, I’ll go out here,” she said in a video titled ” WE THE PEOPLE !! “

“I’m telling these security guards that if they put a hand on me, every one of them will be summoned and charged”

Ms. D’Ubios said anyone who helps should “not worry about the fine” because it “would not really be on trial” Due to her alleged quarantine violation, she is now facing a fine of up to 50$ 000 or 12 months in prison

Washington Secretary of Health Roger Cook told the media on Sunday that he was “disappointed and angry” and that he was reserving the brunt of his anger for the returning traveler

“It shouldn’t have happened and we’ll do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” he said

He promised a review of the circumstances that led to the breach, including a decision not to place Ms. D’Ubios in high-risk hotel quarantine

Mr. Cook said Ms. D’Ubios came to Perth from Madrid via Doha, had “regular contact” with medical and wellness teams, and went to the Royal Perth Hospital twice

Ms D’Ubios claimed on social media that she suffered from allergies from being in a hotel room with carpets, curtains and no fresh air and she was hospitalized for palpitations and low blood pressure p>

The police were called when Ms. D’Ubios threatened to leave the hotel on Saturday morning and a security guard followed her out of the hotel, but the security guard lost sight of her and Mr. Cook admitted that “between which there was a small window was a woman leaving the hotel and police arriving”

Ms. D’Ubios had previously declined COVID tests, which raises questions about why it took the police so long to make the call to find her

Paul Steel, deputy superintendent of the WA Police Department, said the police had “thought long and hard” before asking for public help to track people down

“There’s a balance between alerting the person on the run and weighing the public risk to determine when the time is right,” he said

Mr. Steel said while Ms. D’Ubios was on the run “strategies were being developed” to enable police to investigate quickly “As soon as these emergency measures were exhausted, a call for public support was immediately activated”

He said the police rushed to the hotel when Ms. D’Ubios said they wanted to leave and arrive “within 5 minutes” There are procedures in place with WA Health to secure travelers attempting to exit quarantine in relation to the authority of security guards, Steel said Powers to arrest citizens could also apply

“This is one of over 20000 international arrivals that actually got off, and as much as we wish it hadn’t happened at all, she was within a relatively short time the risk to the community was reduced and luckily she returned a negative test, “said Mr. Steel

Despite Ms. D’Ubios’ claims that she wanted to leave multiple times on social media, Mr. Cook said authorities had not monitored social media of the more than 2,000 people in hotel quarantine “But we have to clearly review these measures to ensure that we can take the necessary steps”

“Western Australia – the Western Australian public – has offered this woman a safe haven from a disease that has killed well over a million people worldwide

“The fact that they would take advantage of this hospitality and endanger themselves and many people is unacceptable”

Dr Robyn Lawrence, WA assistant health officer, said Ms. D’Ubios had been released into hotel quarantine at Royal Perth Hospital but would not comment on her conditions

Dr However, Lawrence said there was nothing to alert WA Health that Ms. D’Ubios “cannot be safely managed in hotel quarantine, just like 20000 other arrivals ”

Dr Lawrence said it was “not uncommon” for people in hotel quarantine to decline COVID testing

She said WA Health will review its processes to make sure they are “as tight as possible” and adjust them if necessary

Dr Lawrence said that while international travelers were “our greatest risk” of bringing COVID-19 into the community, the risk of an international traveler actually suffering from the disease was 1 to 2 percent

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