The sea eagle star faced the media after it was revealed that he suffered a second grade tear in the accident the club called “harmless” “

Trbojevic claimed he suffered the injury after slipping in the shower and apologized to the Sea Eagles fans

“It’s pretty embarrassing to say I woke up yesterday morning, slipped into the bathroom and just felt I could,” he said

“I apologize to the Manly Club and members for not going to be out there. It didn’t feel good, I’ve felt the feeling before so I knew it pretty quickly and phoned the physiotherapist right away.” p>

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“It rattles a bit It’s not something you want to deal with I’ve been here before and I know what to do to get right again

“The club have shown a lot of confidence in me and I couldn’t stay on the field long enough to pay it back””

However, shortly after the press conference, a vision of Trbojevic surfaced in a foot race on Saturday night, raising questions about the real cause of the injury, which will have a massive impact on the start of Manly’s NRL 2021 campaign

“The vision of Tom Trbojevic, who sprints in the Corso in Manly on Saturday evening, came about,” tweeted Weidler

“The club insists he wasn’t injured I spoke to Tom and he insists he was injured when he slipped in the bathroom”

The Daily Telegraph reported that Stephen Humphreys, Managing Director of Manly, was also forced to compete in Trbojevic’s 70-meter sprint

Brent Read announced that he had spoken to Trbojevic, who denied having sustained the injury during the race

“I had a few drinks and was an idiot on the Corso I know what it will look like, but I swear I didn’t hurt it back then

I was just talking to Tom Trbojevic about this video “I had a few drinks and was an idiot on the Corso I know what it will look like but I swear I didn’t hurt it back then” There are few better ones or more honest guys in the game I like to take him at the word

“It’s pretty embarrassing I woke up yesterday morning and slipped in the bathroom and I felt like it was hard to tell and it’s hard to take

“It’s literally everything it was. It’s embarrassing and hard to take. I apologize to the Manly Club as an organization and all of its members for not going to be out there earlier this year

“It didn’t feel good. I’ve felt the feeling before, so I knew it pretty quickly. I phoned the physiotherapist directly”

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Trbojevic has been plagued by thigh injuries for the past two years and was excluded from last year’s season origin series with a shoulder complaint

Elsewhere, Broncos winger Dale Copley suffered a neck injury in the Wynumm trial and missed six weeks of contact

Copley underwent a “laryngoscopy which, according to the Club, showed significant trauma to his throat and airway swelling,”

Andrew Croll, Broncos Services Director, said, “Dale must rest from any exercise for at least a week and will have another laryngoscopy to see if he needs surgery

“It will be at least 6 weeks without contact and we need to see how it sets in to see when he can return to low-intensity exercise”

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Tom Trbojevic

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