Gladys Berejiklian Announces New Measures For Greater Sydney Area And $ 200 On-Site Fines As Victoria Hard Border Goes In Effect

New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said she “does not want to restrict business, jobs or economic activity” and announced new restrictions, including mandatory masks, as there were seven new cases of coronavirus transmission on Saturday Community were announced

Meanwhile, Victoria’s tough NSW border blockade came into effect Victorian Health Secretary Martin Foley said he would not apologize for taking tough measures to prevent the spread of the virus, while the ACT Health Department also announced that non-ACT residents traveling from affected areas of NSW will now would need an exemption

As of midnight Saturday, the southern zone of NSW’s northern beaches would be subject to the same restrictions as the greater Sydney area, as Berejiklian said the risk had decreased there, the restrictions on the northern zone of the northern beaches remained unchanged and orders to stay stayed at home until 9 January exist

New measures have been announced for Greater Sydney, including Wollongong, Central Coast and Blue Mountains Face masks are mandatory indoors in shopping malls, on public transport, in cinemas and theaters, places of worship, and in hair and beauty rooms Face masks are also mandatory for all employees in restaurants and casinos as well as for customers who use gaming services are mandatory

Compliance begins on April 4 January 1st, when grace period ends and people will be fined $ 200 on site for not wearing a mask. Children under 12 are exempt but should wear masks where possible

Controlled outdoor gatherings were held on 2000 people reduced unless an exception is granted An exception was granted for the Sydney Cricket Test

“We would never impose anything on our citizens if we did not consider it necessary and if we had learned a lot,” said Berejiklian. “We do not want to restrict business, employment or economic activity. We want to be in the state in which we are Encourage people to work, go about their daily business, albeit in a Covid-safe manner, so that we can manage the virus

“I would be the last person to pretend this is a perfect science, however, what we do know is that NSW is one of the best places to go when it comes to contact tracing regarding the health advice we have received the world has proven ”

Berejiklian said some people might disagree with NSW continuing to hold the fireworks that were held on New Years Eve and the upcoming cricket test

“We appreciate what people say about us if we keep holding these events, but also the thousands of jobs they keep and the sense of normalcy they give us,” she said

Meanwhile, Foley said there were 29 active cases of the virus in Victoria, an increase of 12 new cases since Friday.This included 10 locally acquired cases, all linked to the Black Rock Thai restaurant cluster, with the other two new Cases were returned to travelers in hotel quarantine

Genomic sequencing results had shown the cases were directly linked to the NSW cluster, Foley said. “The genomic evidence is in the pudding,” he said, but Foley said he wouldn’t weigh how NSW is handling the outbreak there he did not apologize for the harsh measures Victoria had taken, including closing the border despite long lines and disruptions

Foley acknowledged disruption to the NSW border but said, “Be clear – the border is closed for public health reasons

“We have been fairly consistent for some time, two weeks in fact, that the deteriorating position in NSW is of significant concern and that public health recommendations are likely to change very quickly in a rapidly changing public health environment

“We’re not apologizing for closing the border It was based on public health advice We intend to work with the Cross-Border Commissioner to determine exactly what the bubble deals will look like over the next few days, as I hinted at yesterday.” In terms of the impact on returning travelers, the border is now closed to returning travelers ”

He said that two people who escaped from authorized officials on Friday after arriving at the NSW border were fined at least 19 each$ 000 would be charged and that they had returned to NSW

Meanwhile, some Victorian test sites reported prolonged delays of several hours as people queued early on Friday, some clinics had to turn people away because they were at full capacity, the Department of Health announced that additional test sites have since opened and hours of operation have been extended were

Victoria’s contact tracing and response director Jeroen Weimar said Black Rock Thai restaurant cluster now has 18 cases and cases “spread over a significant geographic area”

“Just because a test queue is a bit long doesn’t mean there is no reason to get tested and go to the beach instead,” said Weimar. “If you can’t get through the queues, I’ll ask you , to isolate ”

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