Gladys Berejiklian would welcome further information from the federal government on the status of the vaccine roll-out in view of the delays in old age

Indonesia has approved a private vaccination program to run alongside its national program to allow companies to purchase state-procured vaccines for workers, a ministerial order revealed on Friday

Employees and their families shouldn’t have to pay for the vaccines themselves, and a price cap would be set by the government, says the regulation. The state-owned pharmaceutical company Bio Farma will distribute the vaccines and the shots will have to be taken in private health centers / p>

Israel has given at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose to 50 percent of its 93 million residents, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Friday

Israel counts Palestinians from East Jerusalem who entered the 19 Vaccination campaign started December were included to its population

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip are not part of the Israeli campaign

Edelstein said 35 percent of the Israeli population received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which set them on their way to a so-called “green passport” with access to recreational facilities the country has gradually reopened. p>

The UN Security Council is considering a UK-drafted resolution calling for immediate ceasefires in armed conflicts around the world so that Covid vaccines can be dispensed

“The UK government estimates that around 160 million people could be excluded from vaccination due to conflict around the world, which could allow new variants of Covid to emerge

British diplomats have tabled a resolution in the United Nations Security Council calling for local ceasefires

The hope is that UN envoys could convince warring parties that it would be in their best interest to temporarily stop fighting while vaccines are being distributed

The comparison diplomats make is Afghanistan in 2001, when a two-day ceasefire enabled the immunization of nearly six million children against polio

The Hungarian government could consider tightening some restrictions as coronavirus infections are expected to increase “drastically” in the next two weeks, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told state broadcaster on Friday

Orban also said every 25 million to 26 million Hungarians who have so far signed up for COVID-19 vaccinations would receive at least one dose by Easter in early April

The Philippine Ministry of Health reported on Friday 2651 new coronavirus infections, the highest daily increase in cases in more than four months, and 46 more deaths

In a bulletin, the ministry said the total number of confirmed cases was 571327 has risen, while the confirmed deaths are 12247 lay

The Philippines, with the second highest COVID-19 case load in Southeast Asia, will receive their first vaccines this weekend so they can start their vaccination program

The New Zealand men’s basketball team has withdrawn from the Olympic qualifiers in Serbia due to costs related to COVID-19 protocols and international travel, the country’s Governing Council (BBNZ) said on Friday

BBNZ agreed to “prioritize events that qualify for long-term cycles”

after consulting older players and the players’ association

The Board of Directors will instead invest in “must-play” competitions, including the FIBA ​​Asia Cup cycles for the men’s and women’s teams, which determine the qualifications for the respective World Cup cycles

“The board has spent a lot of time considering the future of our international teams,” said Iain Potter, chief executive of BBNZ, in a statement

“You have accepted a level of measured risk, with a deficit forecast for this year that we will cover through sponsorship and additional funding

“But even with the added commitment, the program would require an additional three quarters of a million dollars to ensure we can attend all of the scheduled events in 2021”

The Tall Blacks have only qualified for the Olympics twice, most recently when they finished 10th in 2004 Place occupied

The French government will be considering a proposal for Paris to put in place a three-week lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19, said government spokesman Gabriel Attal

“Of course this is being investigated,” Attal told France Inter Radio on Friday, although he had some doubts as to whether or not such a brief suspension would have an impact

The deputy mayor of Paris announced on Thursday that Paris would submit a three-week lockdown plan to the government

French Prime Minister Jean Castex had previously said France would impose measures such as weekend lockdowns in Paris and 19 other regions from the beginning of March if the COVID-19 trends worsened

Authorities are urgently investigating airflow in every quarantine hotel in Western Australia following last month’s positive COVID-19 case

Case 903, a hotel security officer who works at the Four Points by Sheraton Perth, commissioned the highly contagious British variant of the coronavirus and triggered a five-day lockdown in Perth, Peel and the Southwest

Professor Tarun Weeramanthri is conducting an independent review of WA’s hotel quarantine system and said the results so far underscore the importance of ventilation

“I recommended urgently checking the ventilation at all quarantine points in the hotel, which has already happened,” he said

Andy Robertson, WA chief health officer, said an industrial hygienist and mechanical engineer is investigating all quarantine sites, including the Four Points By Sheraton

“There are a number of rooms, including the room the person who likely infected 903 was in, that we are likely to exclude from future use,” he said

“But when we looked at the rest of the rooms we were pretty happy with the airflow”

Portable air filters are also used in any room that has a COVID-19 positive case to help reduce the viral load in the air

Victoria’s Veterans Minister Shaun Leane has confirmed that Melbourne’s Anzac Day march will take place this year

The state government announced earlier this week that it was working with the Department of Health and RSL Victoria to prepare for ANZAC Day

WA Health is monitoring three active cases of COVID-19 and 901 people have recovered from the virus

A young child at the Howard Springs quarantine facility who arrived on a repatriation flight tested positive for COVID-19

The NT government says he is asymptomatic and is being looked after by an Australian medical aid team

More than 4600 repatriated Australians have quarantined themselves in Howard Springs, with a total of 67 positive coronavirus cases

Daniel Andrews said earlier this week that there would be further discussions about Anzac Day

US President Joe Biden says the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine in the country is now ahead of schedule and 50 million Americans have been vaccinated

The United States has been the hardest hit country in terms of both infection rate and deaths More than half a million deaths have been recorded in the past 12 months

Joe Biden says there is no room for misinformation about vaccines … and has promised a public information campaign to encourage people to get the sting

“To meet this challenge, we will be launching a massive campaign to educate people about vaccines, that they are safe and effective, and where to go to get these shots,” he said

New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian would like more information on the federal government’s launch of the federal government’s coronavirus vaccine

With the first week of Pfizer vaccines nearly completed, there have been delays in the geriatric care sector, a federal government-administered program

“I would appreciate more information about this rollout It is the responsibility of the federal government, “said the Prime Minister

“As for NSW, I don’t want to do a daily billing, but I’m really excited about the first three days we have more than 5500 people were able to vaccinate “

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