Fortnite continues its urge to stay fan-relevant with a whole new series of collectibles, and this time the Australian player Lazarbeam is in the foreground as part of the Icon Series with an outfit of his own choosing

Think Tradie and Meat Pie – you think Australia, now you can be while playing Fortnite

You might think that wearing Hi-Vis equipment that rewards the “last man standing” in a game, is madness, but this is nothing compared to some things that are worn in Fortnite as outfits

You get the bright shirt, tool belt, and sledgehammer to harvest these mats (materials for the uninitiated)

Lannan ‘Lazarbeam’ Eacott said, “I look forward to sharing a piece of Australian culture with the global Fortnite community”

“It’s surreal to see yourself featured in a video game like Fortnite So I wanted in designing the outfits and the bundle necessarily Australian inspiration from my tradie roots Add“And who doesn’t love meat pie?”

I want to personally see her sitting in a chair Beam Lazar, who is dressed as a tradie for a Victory Royal Now THAT would be the ultimate Australian move

You can be the first in the world that will get Lazar Beam outfit by the 3 Participate in the Lazar & Fresh Super Knockback Tournament on March 1st

Fortnite continues its urge to stay relevant with fans with a whole new line of collectibles, and this time with Australian gamers

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