People with unemployment benefits will receive an additional $ 25 per week from April for changes to JobSeeker, but will receive less money overall due to the changes at the end of the coronavirus supplement

And the government will ask more of recipients, including more job searches per month and face-to-face appointments with employment offices

The boost increases the JobSeeker allowance to $ 307 per week and is estimated to cost $ 9 billion USD versus forecasts

Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the increase “reasonable” as Australia recovers from the pandemic and returns to a “more normal” environment

“We’re moving now back to a normal safety net arrangement as part of this normalization process, but we make sure it is on what we think is appropriate, “he said

He said the payment is now 41 percent of the minimum wage, the same level as it was during the Howard administration

The JobSeeker payment has continued to slide below the relative poverty lines over the past two decades, including during a period under Prime Ministers John Howard and Kevin Rudd

The government temporarily increased the dole during the COVID-19 crisis, but this addition is slated to end in a month

Labor, the Greens and a broad coalition of business and welfare groups have long called for a lasting upswing, arguing that the dole has not increased in real terms in more than 20 years

“We need a system that is fair and sustainable for the people who need it and the taxpayers who pay for it”

In addition to the payment increase, the plan provides for the threshold to be increased before benefits wear off

However, recipients will now face additional “mutual obligations”, including additional job searches, face-to-face appointments at employment offices, intensive training after six months on welfare and more paperwork for some recipients

Minister of Labor Michaelia Cash said the government would “do everything” to get people off welfare and into work

“This is about recognizing that if I receive welfare, I have an obligation to do whatever I can to get a job,” she said

JobSeeker’s surge follows the removal of the coronavirus supplement – a top-up payment for more than a million welfare recipients

That went from $ 125 per week to $ 75 per week on Jan. January back and will be on 31 March disappear completely

On Tuesday morning, Labor leader Anthony Albanese said the current rate – before the discussed increase – was not enough to make a living from

“It is important that there is a lasting increase and it is urgently needed to keep people safe,” he said

He declined to say the amount of the increase Labor would support, just saying that he would respond to the government’s announcement

“We don’t have a chance to change the number today, next week or next month,” he said

“We need to think about how we would proceed as an alternative government”

“It’s a complete and utter joke. It makes fun of the government for looking after those who are having a hard time in this country”

Cassandra Goldie, executive director of the Australian Council of Social Service, said the increase was a cut after removing the coronavirus supplement was considered and a “devastating decision”

“People have tried to explain the realities of their lives to the government in order to try to have a roof over their heads and support themselves,” she said

“The last thing we need is the government to turn its back on the people at such a crucial time”

“I am very proud that after a quarter of a century on both sides of government, Australia is finally doing something about our greatest failure as a nation, especially during a pandemic

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