Victorian officials say the worker died on Jan. Attended a family reunion on February 28th and recorded a negative test result the following day, however, re-examining this test gave a weakly positive result

New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, will be banned for three days just before midnight Sunday after the discovery of three unexplained coronavirus viruses in the community

She said they decided to proceed cautiously until they learned more about the outbreak, including whether the infections were more contagious

The rest of New Zealand will also face tightened restrictions, although it will not be locked, Ms. Ardern said

Residents in Perth and the Peel region are mask-free in public for the first time in a fortnight as the last of the lockdown restrictions in response to a hotel security official’s test positive for COVID-19 is removed becomes

Unrestricted flights from New Zealand to Australia continue despite a COVID-19 outbreak in Auckland

All three cases are from the same family in South Auckland, with daughter’s high school closed until Wednesday

Australian Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly says health officials are continuously monitoring the situation here

“At this point, New Zealand green zone flights will not change,” he said

“We think the risk is very low at the moment, but of course we will and have looked at what these exposure targets are in New Zealand and we will look into that for anyone crossing the border from New Zealand comes “

Following further investigation by our public health team, four new sites have been added to our list of Tier 1 exposure sites

The most important thing the authorities ask of the people of Auckland is to stay home wherever possible, says Ms. Ardern

Many Victorian small businesses that were hoping for brisk Valentine’s Day trading today are instead making losses, as the state closed a “breaker” for five days on the second day

Stephanie Rondos of small, family-run florist ‘In Full Bloom’ in South Melbourne said she was lucky enough to break even on one of the busiest days of the year

“Everything changed so quickly, we weren’t expecting it, so we ordered like we would have done for a normal Valentine’s Day,” she said

“As a small family business, like so many other small businesses, we have struggled during this pandemic Today would have been one of those days that would have put us back on top, but that wasn’t the case”” Said Ms. Rondos

“I think this is going to set us back significantly, but we are all hands on deck doing everything we can to recoup the money we may lose today,” she said

Australia has reached an agreement with Pfizer that a total of 3 million doses will be administered in April, May and June

Australia’s first shipment of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine will land in the coming week, and the federal government will admit that distributing it across the country will not be a flawless job

Tests will be carried out to see if the family’s infection is related to highly infectious variants as COVID-19 vaccines are slated to roll out in New Zealand next week

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