Queensland residents who are in the greater Sydney area have until 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday to return to the state and must be tested and quarantined at home on arrival, says Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

She said Greater Sydney residents would no longer be allowed to travel to Queensland after 1:00 a.m. tomorrow

There are still concerns about positive COVID-19 samples from wastewater tests in Townsville, North Cairns, Cleveland, and the Gold Coast

“Please get tested for any symptoms, even if they are mild. It’s absolutely important that Queenslanders do,” she said

Ms. Palaszczuk said there are also issues related to contact tracing records in pubs, clubs and restaurants in Queensland

“We are very concerned that when we contacted people at the Glen Hotel, there were illegible handwriting and we were unable to trace any people,” she said

“Otherwise, you’ll come back to one person per four square feet and people won’t be able to get up and drink their drinks

“We are in a serious situation That means we need to be able to contact Trace at all times “

Jeannette Young, Queensland Chief Health Officer, told everyone who died on Jan. December visited the Glen Hotel on Eight Mile Plains on the south side of Brisbane, asked to report and inform the health authorities

“The lists were incomplete or some people had their names spelled out and we couldn’t decipher what they wrote,” said Dr Young

“It is now the 20th and we still don’t have all the people at the Glen Hotel and that’s a real risk because if any of these people are positive then they are out. The community may be spreading the virus “

Ms. Palaszczuk said she was concerned about the situation in New South Wales and said the border measures were “necessary”

“If the New South Wales Prime Minister says she is on high alert, we are on high alert,” said Ms. Palaszczuk

“Anyone who has come from the greater Sydney area in the last week should get a COVID test

“We love you – we want you to have a peaceful Christmas at home – and hopefully we can welcome you back to our wonderful sunny state in the coming months, but now is not the time””

Health Secretary Yvette D’Ath said there are now 15 people in Queensland who have close links with positive cases in NSW

“We will contact them and ask that they be tested and they must also be quarantined,” Ms. D’Ath said

Dr Young said the Greater Sydney area would be officially declared a hotspot starting at 1:00 a.m. on Monday

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“All of Sydney – it goes south down to Wollongong, to the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and the Central Coast, “said Dr Young

“Any Queensland in these areas can return home by 1:00 a.m. Tuesday, where they must be tested and quarantined in their own home”

Non-residents from these areas wishing to enter Queensland must apply for an exemption and then enter hotel quarantine once it has been granted

“This is extremely important as cases have escalated in Sydney,” said Dr Young

Dr Young also said the four sites where fragments of the virus had been located in her sewage treatment plants were of great concern to her

“There are no explainable reasons why there are positive results there So I’m concerned that we may have people across Queensland who have active COVID-19 cases, “she said

Anyone in Townsville, North Cairns, Cleveland, and the Gold Coast who develops symptoms should be tested immediately

Ms. D’Ath also announced a “Blitz of Business” in Queensland that would monitor whether the venues let their customers check in

“It is your responsibility to ensure people are checked in before taking their seats at venues or before taking their orders at counters,” said Ms. D’Ath

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She said companies should have social distancing markers on the floor and hand sanitizer available

“Supermarkets should reintroduce measures like staff greeting customers at entrances to encourage best practices like wiping shopping carts and using disinfectants,” she said

Ms. D’Ath said compliance teams would be “in place” to oversee companies and individuals who should be quarantined at home

“You need to make sure you are not letting visitors into your home while under any formal mandatory instruction,” Ms. D’Ath said

“There will be text messages, calls will be made, and spot checks will be carried out to make sure people are home and compliant”

Ms. Palaszczuk said there were plans to reinstate hard border closure should the cluster in NSW grow in the next few days, but there were only checkpoints for the time being

Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles said the goal of the new border measures is to avoid severe restrictions on Queenslanders

“Our social distancing and other measures are so important that we can isolate someone who has been exposed to the virus to Queensland if we can, or have active contact details to identify anyone who has been exposed”he said

Steve Gollschewski, State Disaster Coordinator, said 87 flights from Sydney with 10760 people have been checked in in the 44 hours since 4:00 p.m. on Friday

Mr. Gollschewski affirmed that all travelers arriving from NSW must have a border pass, regardless of where they are in the state


“What you will see over the next 24 to 48 hours is the increase in checkpoints on our border,” he said

“Anyone who is in Sydney now who thinks they can just slip through will likely find a checkpoint when they get here”

He said two people who were quarantined violated their instructions after police conducted compliance checks

Mr Miles said the border measures and social distancing would help Queensland avoid another outbreak

“These decisions are not made lightly – we know they will have a huge impact on many people’s plans just before Christmas,” said Miles

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