Rebel Wilson’s “Year of Health” paid off when the Australian actress announced that she had reached her target weight – with a month to spare

Hard diets, strenuous exercise, and a changed mindset helped Wilson lose more than 20 kg to reach 746 kg, slightly less than her 75 kg goal

It was a milestone she excitedly shared with her followers on Instagram, along with a snapshot of the Libra

“Although it’s not about a weight number, but about being healthy, I needed a specific measurement as a goal, and that was 75 kg”

The 40-year-old Pitch Perfect actress previously admitted that she ate around 3,000 calories on most days before starting her health kick in January

She has since shared her weight loss journey with her nearly 10 million social media followers

She was an avowed emotional eater who turned to food to deal with the “stress of being famous”

“I’ve traveled all over the world, doing jet setting everywhere and eating a ton of sugar which was kind of my vice, I’m very sweet, I love desserts,” she said on the Drew Barrymore Show,

She also attributed the coronavirus pandemic and the slowdown that followed by helping her shed the pounds

“I think I ate emotionally and sometimes ate too much because I didn’t love myself enough. And that self-worth and self-love is what matters”

Despite the incredible weight loss, Wilson has said that she doesn’t want to get too thin because she loves her curves

“And when you turn 40, I don’t know if it’s a ladies thing I have the feeling that now I have really come to myself and not only with my health, but also with my career ”

Wilson is dating the heir to millionaire ice cream, Jacob Busch, whom she allegedly met when she was hardest

The actress had to clap back on trolls who claimed he only fell in love with her after she lost weight

“It’s not that I suddenly lost weight and then you think, oh, you’re getting a hot boyfriend – that’s not how it works,” Wilson told E! News

“This guy liked me at 100 kilos and now at 75 kilos, I just want to clarify that”

Rebel Wilson

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