Posted: 12:40 GMT, 22 February 2021 | Updated: 13:18 GMT, Jan. February 2021

And the 40-year-old has proven that she doesn’t need makeup to achieve her brilliant shine

The bridesmaid actress stepped out into the great outdoors while enjoying a day at the beach with her friend Carly Steel at a chic resort in California

Au naturel: On Sunday Rebel Wilson [pictured] put on make-up when she was soaking up the sun at a posh resort on the American Riviera in California

Rebel didn’t seem to have a line in sight when she visited Rosewood Miramar Beach on the American Riviera

The two women enjoyed a few drinks as they sat on sun loungers and ate something together

Rebel later showed a close-up that looked like she’d just emerged from a swim in the ocean

On Friday, the Hollywood star showed off her impressive 30kg weight loss, turning heads in a skin-tight dress as he appeared to be on a movie set

Rebel was stunned in her dark blue dress with sequins and a blue, silver and green stripe design across the chest

Fresh from the bathroom? Rebel later showed a close-up of her looking like she’d just come out of the water

The Pitch Perfect star sported a soft golden glow and sported a full face with striking makeup, including a bare lip and smoky winged eye

Looks good! On Friday, Rebel Wilson showed off her 30kg weight loss in a form-fitting dress after breaking up with Jacob Busch

Rebel made 2020 their “Year of Health” and worked hard to revamp their diet and fitness habits She lost an incredible 30 kg

She shared a body positive message with fans last month, encouraging them not to judge themselves by their weight

The actress posted a bathroom selfie on Instagram in which she was wearing a bathrobe and posing next to a scale

Positive Message: She shared a body positive message with fans last month, encouraging them not to judge themselves by their weight

She wrote in the headline, “Instead of stepping on the scales, look at yourself in the mirror and say,” Damn girl, you are smart and talented and perfect and perfect just as you are “

She confirmed that the couple’s relationship ended when they met on Jan. Called a “single girl” in an Instagram post on February

Single: She confirmed the couple’s relationship ended when they broke up on Jan. February referred to as “single girl” in an Instagram post

Rebel then poked fun at her new single status on Valentine’s Day by posting a video of herself on Instagram biting into a donut covered in heart-shaped sprinkles

“The only ring I’ll see this Valentine’s Day,” joked the 9-year-old Australian with 6 million followers on the platform

Done and dusted: Rebel and Jacob were last photographed together during the Christmas holidays when they were on vacation together.Pictured in October

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