Sir David Attenborough’s sharp warning about the state of climate change is “too simplistic” climate research institutes

, according to a scientist from one of the UK’s leading countries

Earlier this week, the legendary 94-year-old broadcaster claimed it was “already too late” to undo the damage caused by climate change

However, this is not an assessment that Dr Ella Gilbert from the University of Reading would agree

The University of Reading is a world leader in climate science, and Gilbert says any claim that the damage has already been “done” is a little misleading

“Reversing climate change will be a huge challenge – that’s true – but I think saying it’s too late really isn’t that helpful”

“It’s not like there’s a binary choice between climate change or no climate change, it’s the extent of climate change that occurs”

“The more efforts we make to curb climate change, reduce our emissions, switch to environmentally friendly technology and invest in carbon-negative technologies that will make the difference whether we are a world with four degrees or a world with in 2100 have two degrees

“That makes a big difference as it reduces the number of intense natural weather events and also increases people’s ability to adapt to those events”

In a recent interview on WWF’s Call of the Wild podcast, Attenborough criticized the damage done to the environment

He said: “In the most remote part of the oceans there are oil spills and pieces of plastic We have destroyed nature”

Sir David Attenborough

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