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Spotify has confirmed the removal of hundreds of K-pop tracks when trying to reach an agreement with distributor Kakao M

As reported by NME, K-pop songs, which are distributed by Kakeo M, began to be released on Monday April 1st March, removed from Spotify worldwide

In a statement received from NME, a Spotify spokesperson announced that Kakeo M’s catalog would no longer be available through the service due to “our license expiring”

“We have worked with KakaoM for the past year and a half to renew the global licensing agreement so that their artists’ music is available to Spotify’s 345 million listeners in nearly 170 markets around the world,” the company said Explanation

“Despite our best efforts, the existing license agreement with KakaoM (which covers all countries except South Korea) has ended. The fact that we have not yet agreed on a new global deal is regrettable for your artists as well as for fans and listeners worldwide” she continued

“We hope this disruption is temporary and that we can resolve the situation soon. We continue to seek to work with local rights holders like Kakao M to jointly promote the growth of the Korean music market and the entire streaming ecosystem”

While Spotify launched in South Korea last month, tracks were missing from artists under Kakao M, including Zico and IU As reported by NME, Kakeo M sells a significant proportion of K-pop music at 375 percent of the songs, listed on the company’s Top 400 Yearly Song Chart 2020

After Spotify launched in South Korea, a spokesman for Kakao M told the Korea Herald that they “are still talking to Spotify [about distributing our songs through their platform]”

One of the artists affected by the removal is Tablo, a member of the South Korean hip-hop group Epik High

On Twitter, Tablo suggested that it was a disagreement between Kakeo M and Spotify that led to their music being banned

“Apparently a disagreement between our distributor Kakao M & Spotify has resulted in our new album Epik High Is Here against our will being unavailable worldwide,” he wrote

“Regardless of who is to blame, why do artists and fans always suffer when companies put greed over art?”

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