Posted: 22:12 GMT, Aug. March 2021 | Updated: 12:31 AM GMT, Jan. March 2021

Pilot James ‘Jimmy’ Nicholson, who is from New Zealand and Fiji, was named Australia’s new Bachelor last week

But on Tuesday, Channel Ten boss Beverley McGarvey admitted that finding a varied candidate to star on the show wasn’t easy

‘Bachelor’s certainly not the easiest show to cast, it’s a certain type of show and there are certain cultural groups that don’t want to be part of it,’ she told TV Tonight

‘It’s Not the Easiest Show to Cast’: The Channel 10 boss has admitted that finding different candidates for The Bachelor is difficult because I’m ‘certain cultural groups’ don’t want to attend dating shows Image 2021 Bachelor James ‘Jimmy’ Nicholson

‘That is absolutely fine and it is disrespectful of us to encourage certain groups to be part of something they don’t want to participate in’

Ms. McGarvey said this year’s Bachelor cast is a mix of women from different backgrounds

“We have worked very hard to cast the right show and make sure the cast are representative of the audience that will see them,” she said

‘Bachelor’s Certainly Not the Easiest Show to Cast It’s a certain type of show, and there are certain cultural groups that don’t want to be part of it, “said Beverley McGarvey Pictured Blake Garvey of the 2014 Bachelor’s degree
It comes after former Bachelor star Niranga Amarasinghe recently reported to NewscomAu that it’s harder for people of color to apply for shows

‘Experience has shown that there is less POC auditioning for reality TV. For those who are and are successful, there is another hurdle that an individual must overcome in order to actually reach the revolving stage, ”he said

‘They have to convince their families that they are happy to be on reality TV. POC individuals can come from very strict cultural backgrounds that don’t always allow this type of public display’

‘You have to convince their families’: Former Bachelor star Niranga Amarasinghe (pictured) recently said he believed it was harder for people of color to apply for shows

He told Sydney Confidential that he signed up for The Bachelor because his career had made it difficult for him to find a long-term partner

In search of love: It comes after Channel 10 revealed commercial pilot Jimmy (pictured) as an Australian Bachelor of 2021 on Wednesday

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