The Mandalorian took a giant step towards his new future as the Season Two Finale – Chapter 16: The Salvation – as we (WE REPEAT, BIG SPOILER ALERT) say goodbye to Grogu Der Mando with tears in the eyes (Pedro Pascal) each of us was after Mando put everything in danger in order to be reunited with him, he had to let him go. We don’t know when (or if) we will see the little green animal next At least Grogu is in very safe company, as The Mandalorian, Season 2, Episode 8, gives up the greatest connection to the larger Star Wars universe to date: Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) It was the Jedi who saved the day in the finale of the second season and arrived at the last minute to take care of the Dark Troopers who were about to reach Mando and Co

After Mando accomplishes his mission – reuniting Grogu with his kind – and neutralizing the threat posed by Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), Mandalorian Season 3 looks very different Mando promised Bo-Katan something in return for her help, who also suggested he help her recapture her home planet Mandalore, and it is possible that the Mandalorian season 3 will do just that to our titular beskar-sporting protagonist, in this way he would finally be a true Mandalorian, although I’m sure Mando is something will have to say about his whole life with values ​​he has only recently learned, associated with an ardent cult

Chapter 16: The Rescue – directed by Peyton Reed (Ant-Man), who also wrote episode 2 of Season Two of The Mandalorian – begins with an Imperial Lambda-class shuttle that Dr Pershing (Omid Abtahi) on board It is being pursued by Slave I, the ship of Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison), which of course also has Mando and the others on board. Fett hits the Imperial Shuttle with an ion cannon and deactivates its electronics so that it is on Being able to board During walks, Mando, followed by Cara Dune (Gina Carano), showed blaster at the two imperial officers. One of them offers to negotiate, but is immediately shot by the other, who is now pointing a gun at Pershing’s head

He berates Cara after spotting her New Republic badge and realizing it was on the Death Star, “Which one?” Cara responds to distract himself from the emerging emotions – the Death Star blew up Alderaan, a planet Cara lost everyone on – but the Imperial officer grabs those emotions then begins a tirade about the galaxy having none Shed tear and cheered instead as millions were killed aboard the two Death Stars And he’s got a point on one level Not everyone on the Death Star deserves to die, but this isn’t really the time or place for a nuanced conversation like that But before he can continue, Cara blows him up

After Pershing is secured, Mando and Boba Fett visit Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) Mando says he needs your help to save Grogu, but things are not going very well due to Fett’s presence, Bo-Katan doesn’t have one Lost love of clones – she instantly recognizes Fett’s voice because she has heard it a thousand times – and even disrespects him by calling his father a “donor” Though Bo-Katan sticks to the words, her assistant Koska Reeves (Mercedes Varnado) goes one step further.The two get into an argument and smash the bar before Bo-Katan steps in and tells them to calm down, Bo-Katan says then to Mando that she is willing to help, but she has certain requirements of her own

At the top of the list is her desire to stand up to Moff Gideon herself. She plans to kill him and take the Dark Sword for herself. She doesn’t want anyone to interfere. Mando totally agrees with this, as Grogu is his only priority And oh, Bo-Katan also wants Mando to seriously consider joining their cause Mando says he will be ready to do anything as soon as Grogu is safe With this set, the newly formed team formulates – Mando, Fett, Cara, Bo-Katan, Koska, and Fennce Shand (Ming-Na Wen) – a scheme to take over Moff Gideon’s light cruiser.The four women launch an attack and head into the cockpit, which would serve as a distraction for Mando to grab Grogu

Of course, the elephant is in the room they need to address: Dark Soldiers Pershing reveals that the current generation of Dark Troopers is made up entirely of Android.Human was the last problematic variable, so they got rid of it, but the Dark Troopers are consuming it a lot of energy and therefore usually turned off. It takes a few minutes for them to wake up and Mando has to go to their cove to stop them. Apart from a few hiccups, the early start plan is going pretty smoothly The female sniper squad defeats every stormtrooper they encounter before storming the bridge

But Mando has a harder time on his own, barely getting to the Bay of Dark Soldiers in time, forcing him to fight one of them.This is a way for The Mandalorian, Season 2, Episode 8, to show how impressive these dark soldiers are For the audience to understand their real threat, Mando is repeatedly beaten up by the Dark Trooper and has to use his entire arsenal, including fire (which doesn’t seem to do much), the whistling birds (those tiny missiles on his left arm that aren’t too seem to do a lot), and then his Beskar staff (which eventually does the job when Mando tucks it under the soldier’s helmet and essentially beheads him) Then he shoots the other dark soldiers stuck in the bay out of the ship

Grogu and Moff Gideon with the dark sword in episode 8 of the second season of The Mandalorian Photo credit: Disney / Lucasfilm

After that is done, Mando collects Grogu.But in a predictable turn of events, Moff Gideon is on guard personally and the dark sword hangs over Grogus throat Mando says he is only there for the child and does not care about the dark sword, and Gideon lulls him into a false sense of security by using Mando’s bond with Grogu to his advantage. Just as Mando enters to pick up the child, Gideon comes across him with the dark sword, but the Beskar comes to his rescue. Mando recovers after several hits and take out the Beskar stuff A duel, yay! It doesn’t take long before Mando turns the defense into an attack and disarms Gideon. But Mando doesn’t kill him, which surprises Gideon

Mando arrives on the bridge with Gideon in handcuffs, a dark sword in his right hand and a freed grogu in the other arm. He throws Gideon on the ground and delivers him to Cara as she asked Gideon is a valuable asset to The New Republic.But Bo-Katan is clearly dissatisfied, and that’s because Mando has the dark sword in hand. Of course, Mando has no problem with the handover of the dark sword, but she doesn’t accept it, explaining to Gideon that the weapon doesn’t carry the power , but the story behind it. To really use the dark sword you have to defeat the person who used it before. And because they did not defeat Gideon, Bo-katan would only be an excuse for accepting the dark sword from Mando

I am sure that this will be the cause of problems in the third season of The Mandalorian.The remaining scattered Mandalorians will see our title protagonist as the true savior and future ruler, although he has no interest in that position and although he is ready is to leave Bo-katan the dark sword and that position, this may not be enough to make everyone appear queen in everyone’s eyes.It seems like a silly rule, but honor and valor mean a lot in Mandalorian warrior culture, all of which is only possible through mandos Connections to the Watch, an extremist offshoot of Mandalorian society, more complicated

But that follow-up moment in episode 8 of The Mandalorian season two is interrupted by a more existential problem: the Dark Troopers have returned.They can’t really kill a non-biological life form by throwing them out of an airlock, Gideon makes you very obvious point; If Mando finds it so difficult to deal with a dark soldier, imagine what it will be like to face a whole train. Nevertheless, cornered in the cockpit, Mando and Co Prepare to face the dark soldiers What more can they do? Outside, the Dark Troopers line up and begin slamming through the explosion doors, the rhythmic pounding creating its own threatening soundtrack

And just as all hope seems to be lost – Gideon smiles widely, like any bad guy should – a lone X-Wing fighter flies in. Cara sarcastically jokes that the day was saved, but that’s because she doesn’t know who is on the ship Grogus ears pop up, indicating that a force sensitive person has arrived, and the Dark Troopers also stop knocking on the door, apparently recognizing the presence of a new threat.A hooded figure emerges from the X. -Wing and confirming both assumptions The threat is real and alright with the Force It is a Jedi who eats apparently dark soldiers for breakfast while waving to them like they are a house of cards and slicing them like butter

The Mandalorian Season 8, Episode 8 tries its best to hide the Jedi’s identity The hood covers his face and all of the lightsaber action is only shown on one monitor.But then it gives us a much bigger clue: the lightsaber is green.Not many Jedi live at this point – The Mandalorian is set after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – and There’s even less with a green lightsaber On top of that, this particular Jedi is powerful enough to deal with so many dark soldiers. The answer is, as most Star Wars fans have probably guessed, Luke Skywalker

That is confirmed a minute later when he steps through the blasting doors and greets our heroes, all of whom were viewers like us.Mark Hamill is called credits in The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 8, but it seems to me that the face of a young Luke slapped on another actor, just like his sister Leia Organa at the end of Rogue One’s not a very compelling effect, but I think it does the job. More importantly, this is the biggest nostalgia move for now The Mandalorian is and can’t get much bigger than bringing back Luke Skywalker

It seems like Luke heard Grogus’ call from the Sehstein in episode 6 of the second season of The Mandalorian and traced him back to the Imperial cruiser Mando noticed that Grogu was reluctant to go with Luke, who said he was on Mandos Permission Waiting The father-son bond has really grown this season and goes to another level when Mando picks him up and says goodbye Grogu responds by stretching out and caressing his helmet, and Mando surprisingly takes off his helmet in front of everyone with it Grogu can see his face It’s a very tender and emotional moment when Grogu finally sees the guy who took care of him. When Grogu touches Mando’s face with his tiny hands, Mando closes his eyes

Mando then drops Grogu off, but the little green guy is still holding onto Mando’s leg and obviously doesn’t want to leave. That changes when R2-D2 steps out from behind Luke and the droid and Grogu seem to magically connect R2-D2 seemingly transforms into a dizzying kid who beeps out of control.And it seems the droid is a bigger reason convincing Grogu to finally go with Luke.As Mando stands there and screams his eyes, Luke, Grogu and go R2-D2 in the elevator and we go black as the doors close

The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 8 “Chapter 16: The Rescue” is now streamed on Disney and Disney Hotstar wherever available. This was the final episode of the Mandalorian Season 2

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