So that was Christmas 2020 It is likely that many do not want to remember the so-called festive season this year, after a year that most also want to forget thanks to the unwanted gift COVID-19

If you sit back like me today and wonder how you actually consumed so much food (my acquired COVID coat is now bursting at the seams); take a look at the pile of presents so kindly given and try to remember who gave what so as not to be ashamed if they give them again next year; and wonder how scary those credit card statements are going to be, comfort yourself you are not alone

Australians are spending over $ 54 billion in retail stores during this year’s Christmas trading period

Honestly, I’m a Grinch as much as I enjoyed the day out with friends. As an atheist, I don’t celebrate any part of Jesus’ birthday reasoning for all that excess Nor am I about to get into the story of the guy with the beard and all the other tinsel and deeds associated with it that are part of the Ho-Ho-Ho fairy tale

Instead, I see Christmas as a consumerist invention, a ruse to get us to part with our money and our food This is where broken families are forced upon us and are expected to be festive.It is a drag on our purses and minds and I could live without them, preferring to recognize loved ones without gifts and guilt

Today – Boxing Day – is a very different story, however I am not only happy to celebrate heart and soul, but also ask others to recognize this as more important than the day before No, I am not drunk from yesterday Let me finish

Ask many what Boxing Day means responding to cricket, yacht racing, and shopping sales.Some may even offer that its name comes from the many trips we made on March 26th to recycle bins to free ourselves from the mountains where we inspired our gift rituals Oh yeah, and the Christmas carol of empty bottles hitting trash cans

Instead, Boxing Day is full of meaning and substance that really deserves to be remembered – now more than ever because the origin of the day is based on kindness Like the American Thanksgiving Day which is inclusive (it is the custom to meet a stranger To invite you to your festival, as the pilgrims did to the Indians), Boxing Day is a secular day on which humanity can assert itself so that we can all pause and take stock of what we others may not have

Traditionally, the 26th December a day off for the servants of the rich To thank them for their service, the masters wrapped or wrapped gifts to give to their co-workers, which in turn were brought home to their families and enjoyed

How this started is controversial However, it is widely believed that the tradition began in churches in the Middle Ages, when parishioners raised money for the poor in alms boxes that opened the day after Christmas in honor of the Christian Martyr St. Stephen, whose birthday falls the day after that of Jesus

So many of us right now are vulnerable and in need, livelihoods at risk, and frayed mental health Fear of this newest cluster and the inevitable next, those whom loved ones in other states and countries still cannot see; Families who have lost loved ones; the sick, the frightened, the broke and the depressed

Everyone was aiming for a normal Christmas We got a COVID, of course, because 2020 inevitably had to deliver in the correct form.But what did we do when we stuck our heads out of induced rabbit holes and took stock of our new reality? Well, we shopped with enthusiasm

Roy Morgan’s annual Christmas retail sales forecasts, conducted in partnership with the Australian Retailers Association, show that Australians will spend over $ 54 billion in retail stores during this year’s Christmas trading period, and even in these toughest times, it is an increase of 28 percent over the previous year

For retailers struggling, I couldn’t be happier.Not so much for humankind.And this is where my love for Boxing Day really begins

If you are now like me with a pile of things that you didn’t have yesterday (probably because you didn’t need any of it) let’s celebrate in the joy of giving away some in the true tradition of Boxing Day where we give without the expectation of receiving anything in return, let’s embrace this holiday as one of gratitude by recognizing what we have and taking into account those who don’t

While Christmas is actually supposed to be just kids, we encourage little ones to give away some of their new toys (ideally keep one and donate all of the others) or offer their old, less-loved toys to those without so let’s consider stop the glut of food in our homes and feed others instead

And let’s see that these ailments are often closer than we think: the neighbor we haven’t seen in a while; the old friend you didn’t check in with; the colleague who fell silent in iso; the older; the lonely; the separated

At this time of year not only food, gifts or money are needed, but also goodwill and kindness I understand the Christmas message that was intended before organized religion and marketing took it over and turned it into a consumerist orgy

Therefore I declare that today will be and will remain the highlight of my Christmas party – an opportunity without Santa Claus, Jesus and Mariah to take stock and reflect with love and grace on the truism that it is always better to give rather than receive Let’s make Boxing Day a time not only to capture our privilege, but to share it

Why is it called Boxing Day, why is Boxing Day called Boxing Day?

World News – AU – The real meaning of Boxing Day is more important than ever this year