In one turbulent week, it emerged that Tom Cruise was secretly dating his Mission Impossible co-star, British actress Hayley Atwell, who is 20 years younger than him

It was recorded that actor Tom Cruise yelled at Mission Impossible crew members for failing to follow social distancing protocols

Tom Cruise is secretly dating his stunning British co-star Hayley Atwell, who The Sun is about to reveal

The couple were recently spotted holding hands at a screening in London, which led to speculation that they will soon be publicizing their relationship

The revelation comes as the seething superstar – overheard blasting personnel for COVID violations on the set – stops filming for an early festive break today

He and Hayley, 20 years younger than he was 38 years old, grew close together while filming in Rome and the UK

The couple grew closely together on the set of the latest film, Mission Impossible 7, and work in the UK and Rome

“Lockdown and all the difficulties that it entailed brought them closer, and they have become pretty inseparable.

“They met after hours and she was on his London block. They get along great and they both seem very happy”

In 2013, Scientologist Tom was linked with Orange, new black star Laura Prepon, and last year he is believed to have gotten close to Handmaids Tale star Elizabeth Moss

The Top Gun actor has three children – Isabella and Connor from his marriage to Nicole Kidman and Suri, 14, from his relationship with actress Katie Holmes

The stunning Captain America starlet Hayley previously dated model Evan Jones, but split after two years in 2015

She last dated an English doctor, but the couple is said to have split earlier this year

Hayley made the vicious Harvey Weinstein famous for allegedly calling her the “fat pig”

News of the couple’s growing closeness comes after a tapping of Tom railing on the set – the complaining crew did not follow coronavirus protocols – leaked to The Sun

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Hayley Atwell

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