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Donald Trump’s last attempt to scrap the election results failed, but the scenes from Wednesday’s Capitol show the permanent damage his presidency has done to American democracy

On Wednesday, Donald Trump invited his supporters to march on the US Capitol and pressures Congress to undo Joe Biden’s win in 2020 presidential election

Trump’s supporters broke into the Capitol, destroyed offices, and forced US. Capitol Police are evacuating the Houses of Representatives and Senate chambers as Congress meets to approve ballots cast in the electoral college.Four people have died, including a woman who was shot by police when the mob tried to enter the lobby of the House spokesman to break in

Trump has spent his final months in office denying his loss to Biden Trump, his lawyers and allies citing a litany of unfounded “irregularities” in key states, including Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia, that allowed Biden’s margin of victory to exist for long-standing fears on Trump’s intention to contest an unfavorable election result “I just want 11Find 780 votes, “Trump told Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger in a recent phone call to the Washington Post

Trump Leaves White House His Presidency Is Over Despite the futility of his objections, Trump’s mission now seems simple enough to undermine both his successor and the system that denied him four more years in office, but his supporters want to immortalize him in it, but they also have other delusions and goals in their efforts to help him somehow hold onto power. This also applies to Trump’s strong allies in Congress, who on Wednesday made a final attempt to overturn ballot papers from multiple states in the House of Representatives headed by the representative of Alabama, Mo Brooks, Efforts to Contest Confirmation of Biden’s Victory on Electoral College In the Senate, Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz forced the issue into a climatic debate. Their efforts were supported by dozens of members, all determined to resolve their constituencies’ grievances unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud important

The system proved futile Early Thursday morning, Vice President Mike Pence presided over the final Senate census that upheld Biden once and for all as President-Elect and Kamala Harris as Vice-President-Elect After years of enabling Trump’s worst behavior, Pence and Mitch McConnell they finally resisted him in blatant words and with impatient tones “Nothing in front of us proves the illegality close to the massive extent that would have triggered the entire election,” said McConnell in his opening speech on Wednesday, citing innuendos and anecdotes – ZGBiden’s rallies were too small to have won the election – brought up by his Republican colleagues “Even public doubt alone cannot justify a radical break if the doubt itself was instigated without evidence”

The day before, the Democratic challengers Rev Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff angered Republican incumbents Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in the runoff elections for the two open Senate seats in Georgia, underscoring the limits of Trump’s remaining usefulness for the GOP, however, should his loss in Georgia and his overwhelming defeat to Biden in the national referendum have not already resulted in so much? Trump’s resentment seems destined to remain an exciting concern of GOP politics well into Biden’s first term as president. When the Senate and House of Representatives reassembled after the uprising, Hawley and Cruz redoubled their disastrous move, determined to To gain favor for Trump and his supporters by pondering until the bitter end of his term

Republican Settlement of Trump’s Departure Was Chaotic and Treacherous Lindsey Graham spread Trump’s conspiracy theories about electoral fraud in Georgia in the weeks following the presidential election, and emerged as Trump’s loudest opponent among Republican senators on Wednesday since election night, Fox News got Trump’s theories over Election Fraud Questioned Tucker Carlson even taunted Trump’s election attorney Sidney Powell only to receive a critical attack from Conservatives, whose delusional tweets formed the basis of Trump’s real-time lawsuits, Fox News host Bret Baier has challenged Hawley, but would we really get this far on that basis going to consider Fox News a responsible news source? The network remains indispensable to the conservative media ecosystem that spreads all sorts of nonsense conspiracy theories that Trump and his allies have put forward, as well as the dominant social media companies Facebook and Twitter, which hold Trump’s publishing privileges for inciting insurrection on Wednesday, although much of the content Trump would otherwise advertise is still in the foreground on these platforms, I would deny the wisdom of the ongoing drive to enable technology platforms to provide so much political expression on a global scale in real time and without moderating direct political accountability to anyone. But the mass media has sparked those political fears, and now the broader political culture has to deal with them

Why bother with conspiracy theories when they could only defy Biden on his merits? Because they can. The New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, by Joan Didion, described dream politics – “a politics of partisan imagination that so far manages to coexist with normal politics” – at work in Trump’s Last Stand “Republicans who act radically do so knowing – or at least strongly assuming – that their behavior is performative, an act of storytelling rather than legislation, an attitude rather than a political act,” Douthat wrote in im December His theory explains some of these numbers, but it doesn’t explain the general state in which so many people straddle the distinction between reality and dream politics. Why does Carlson suddenly sound so constrained? How did Loeffler and Graham waffle so seamlessly between their tendencies to support Trump at all costs and those who leave him at the last moment? Which loeffler is the real loeffler? Which graham is the real graham? Where exactly does dream politics end and where does political reality begin?

It is easy to imagine that the events of the past week – Perdue and Loeffler’s collapse in Georgia, the uprising in the Capitol, and the climatic consolidation against Trump in Congress – Trump’s influence on the GOP- Mitigating Politics Trump lost, and any effort to spread his influence must address this fact and how he also sacrificed GOP control of the Senate, but it’s also easy to imagine that the Georgia outcome and the electoral college drama were one Political base, now deprived of its real leader, only further anger. After all, Trump’s presidency is outlasted by the national channels that turn political realities into dream politics. On Wednesday, Carlson denounced the uprising but urged political leaders to “pause and to find out about its basic causes ”Who asks the Prime-time cable news host in all seriousness, has all these bipartisan alarms set off in this political culture? Who in fact?

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