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Series DebutHBO Max’s dark comedic new thriller throws Kaley Cuoco in the middle of a crime thriller. Executive The Flight Attendant, produced by Cuoco, focuses on her character Cassie, a stubborn stewardess who wakes up in bed next to a corpse in Bangkok and barely or Doesn’t even remember what happened the night before – and she foolishly decides to clean up the crime scene.As if that weren’t bad enough, a mysterious woman named Miranda, played by Michelle Gomez (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), is also behind Her co-showrunner Steve Yockey (Supernatural) teases, “Miranda has a connection to the events in Bangkok and will force her way into Cassie’s life and cause a lot of problems Cassie is better preparing for turmoil – Chancellor Agard

Carol Peters’ devices talk to her no, it is not her imagination, and this is not part of a dream sequence. Her rice cooker, toaster and TV are all talking to her, and they sound like James Corden. He (it?) is the voice that “super intelligence” (because artificial intelligence isn’t artificial, kids) that is fed up with having people (preaching to the choir!) when Carol, played by Melissa McCarthy, can’t prove that people are really good and each other care for each other and this planet this will either enslave or end humanity Oh, and they only have three days to convince otherwise, so next time you have Labor Day or Columbus Day off, make up your mind what you do really get started with this long weekend! – Gerrad Hall

We thank The Masked Singer for airing a special Thanksgiving Night episode after a rerun on Wednesday And while it’s a day of gratitude and warmth (with the funny Jay Pharoah returning) someone from Group C will still get the boot (those are the rules, kid!) Two contestants from Broccoli, Jellyfish, and Mushroom will join Sun, Popcorn, Croc, and Seahorse in the famous Super Six while eliminating the remaining face sure to get your final guesses before unmasking! – Rachel Yang

The Flight Attendant

World News – AU – What to Watch on Thursday: Kaley Cuoco’s ‘The Flight Attendant’ will air on HBO Max

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