Contact tracers work around the clock to find the “missing link” between positive cases that were in a pub in Northern Sydney Beaches

According to health officials, three cases are now linked to the Belrose Hotel, which is located in the southern zone of the northern beaches

So far – apart from the venue – no clear connection between the cases has been established

A 20-year-old employee of the Belrose Hotel contacted us on 23 December as a precaution for testing However, serological tests showed that he may have died as early as Jan. December was infected

Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said that day the worker had “shown a very transient illness associated with a very short period of fever”

“So [he] came home a little tired from work and then went to bed, woke up with a bit of a fever. He took his temperature, [it] was a bit of a fever, and then woke up the next morning and completely in Okay, no fever

To complicate matters, on Jan. December another positive case the bottle shop of the Belrose Hotel Dr However, Chant said the case could not be linked to the worker, who was not on shift at the time and never worked in the bottle shop

The health authorities have asked around 17 Turned to the Belrose Hotel tracing staff on December 31st, and those staff were all negative

This puzzle prompted Dr Chant to “upstream tests” yesterday which basically tries to find other positive cases that were at the Belrose Hotel earlier this month

These tests revealed another positive case: a firefighter who works for NSW Fire and Rescue in the Crows Nest area, who died on Nov. December had visited the Belrose Hotel5 hours

“So we don’t see the gentleman in his twenties infecting this firefighter, “said Dr Chant

“We’re looking for the missing link – who else was there at the Belrose?

Dr Chant said authorities are careful not to assume there is a “transition” between the Belrose cases

Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of the firefighter, who also lives on the northern end of the northern beach zone, which is the main cluster hotspot

At this point in time, health officials have no clear links with venues in this area, so Dr Chant that they are focusing on the Belrose Hotel and how this “may or may not have been involved in the broadcast”

The health authorities fear that without clear links between the cases of the Belrose Hotel there could be undiscovered chains of transmission within the community

And the big worry is cases that will spread beyond North Beach and Greater Sydney and vacation across the state before New Year’s Eve

They are also concerned about a significant decrease in the number of people tested during the most recent recording period (via Boxing Day)

In the 24 hours until 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, 23933 tests performed compared to 39133 in the previous reporting period

The NSW Fire Brigades Employees Union said the fire station had been thoroughly cleaned and any firefighters he might have come in contact with had coronavirus tests and all came back negative

But Secretary Leighton Drury said firefighters are an integral part of the state’s emergency front and must be kept operational

“We are the thin red line we don’t have enough professional firefighters in NSW, so any stress on the system with firefighters turned off and having to self-isolate when things get bad enough obviously affects our operational response “

Stations at Beecroft on the Upper North Shore and Dee Why on the northern beaches have also been thoroughly cleaned as a precaution due to the movement of the staff

Dr Chant urged people across the state to keep getting tested for even the slightest symptom to make sure no cases fall between the cracks

“We may never find the exact source and links, but most importantly, we are not currently missing any unrecognized transmission chains in the community That’s why it’s just as important for everyone across the state to be tested for COVID “

She also urged people to continue to know whether they were casual or close contact in the affected places

NSW Health has improved its advice and is now asking anyone who has been to the Belrose Hotel at any point in December and developed symptoms at any point in December to take a test and isolate them until a negative result is obtained

“Even if you have had an illness in the past that you believe was COVID-compatible, please get tested and isolated until you get that negative test,” said Dr Chant

Contact tracers are still working to find links between various positive cases in Sydney’s business district and the northern beach cluster

A man in his forties tested positive after working contagiously in an office near Chifley Square and the MLC buildings

He joins another case that visited the Paragon Hotel’s sports bar about 500 meters away

Dr However, Chant said the two cases did not appear to overlap at any point in the venue

Authorities are investigating a case in Bondi, Sydney’s eastern suburbs, with no known connection to the northern beach cluster

They are trying to confirm whether the Bondi case may be false positive and convene a panel of experts to review all the data

Dr Chant also pointed out the case of a man who worked on the south end of Manly but commutes to work to see if any of his bus routes intersect with other infectious cases

Tests are also carried out on his work colleagues to determine if any of them are a potential source of infection

Dr Chant also said that some locally acquired cases on the north end of the northern beaches around Avalon and Palm Beach may have visited some of the venues, but not at the time and location of another positive case

“This is less of a concern as I know there was likely an unrelated transmission at this northern end of the northern zone,” she said

Health officials say all the infections on the northern beaches and in the CBD are similar and come from the first strain in the US to be introduced through the hotel quarantine process

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