Debbie Reynolds was known as “America’s Treasure” when she first started acting in the 1950s. Her healthy image found its way with fans in such films as “Singin’ in the Rain”, “The Tender Trap”, ” Tammy and the Bachelor “huge acclaim

A few decades later, Jennifer Aniston would share the same “nice girl” image as Reynolds. The two actors had similar problems in their personal lives as well

1952 Reynolds met singer Eddie Fisher at the time the two were some of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Fisher played several hits like “Thinking of You”, “Any Time”, “Oh, My Pa-pa” after Three-year advertising married Reynolds and Fisher.A year later, the couple had their first child, Carrie Fisher.Their son Todd Fisher was born in 1958. Reynolds and Fisher were soon featured in several magazines and earned a reputation for being the quintessential couple

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Aniston’s acting career catapulted in 1994 after a few minor role films, she landed her first starring role as Rachel Green on Friends The show made Aniston a household name, and the public praised her for her kind personality.In September 1999, Aniston’s love life became the public fodder for you and Brad Pitt confirmed they were together at the Emmy Awards. Two months later, they announced their engagement at singer Sting’s concert per Marie Claire Tied the knot in Malibu in July 2000

Reynolds and Aniston both had heartaches at the height of their careers. 1958 Fischer’s best friend Mike Todd died in a plane crash Todd was Elizabeth Taylor’s third husband, and she and Reynolds were close friends.After Todd died, Reynolds suggested that Fisher Taylor should should comfort her during her grief. She soon learned that Fisher and Taylor were having an affair and were planning to get married

“My first husband ran away with Elizabeth Taylor,” Reynolds told The Sun “Suddenly the light went on. He was out and about in New York and was staying in the same hotel as Elizabeth. So I called her room – not his. He picked up the phone and I said,” Eddie, do you mind turning around and to tell Elizabeth that I want to talk? ”

Fisher settled on Jan. Divorced from Reynolds in May 1959 and married Taylor on the same day The scandal haunted the animators throughout their career.As Reynolds, Aniston dealt with her husband, who fell in love with another starlet in 2004, Pitt began working with Angelina Jolie while filming too Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Pitt and Jolie fell in love shortly after the film premiered, Pitt and Aniston filed for divorce Pitt began dating Jolie publicly and they eventually married in August 2014. Reynolds compared her scandal with Fisher and Taylor to that of Aniston’s that year 2013

“I didn’t stand a chance against her. I was just like Jennifer Aniston with Brad Pitt when he fell in love with Angelina Jolie,” she said. “If Angelina wants someone, that’s that certain women have that power. What chance did I have.” against Elizabeth, a woman with great feminine experience when I had no experience at all? “

After their public divorce, Reynolds and Aniston’s careers continued to flourish. Reynolds received media praise for raising their two young children alone after Fisher left in his memoir My Girls: A Life With Carrie and Debbie confirmed Todd Fisher that his father and Taylor’s careers suffered while fans protected Reynolds

“The world was stunned,” he wrote, “Eddie and Elizabeth were slandered. Eddie was declared a philandering, opportunistic loser, and Elizabeth was described as a slut with bad girls and house demolition. Debbie, the good girl, the innocent, unsuspecting.” Victim and single mother, hugged with love and sympathy worldwide ”

Aniston also kept working after she finalized her divorce from Pitt in 2005. She starred in multiple films including Horrible Bosses, Marley & Me, and The break-up.She and Pitt are now friendly and performed together at the SAG Awards in January 2020 on

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