West Coast forward Willie Rioli is expected to find out the result of his ASADA suspension in the next 48 hours after allegedly tampering with a urine sample before testing positive for cannabis

It will be 18 months on Friday since the little striker was last featured at AFL level after being suspended on the eve of the Eagles’ semi-final defeat by Geelong in 2019

The 25-year-old looked after his family on the Tiwi Islands while waiting for the verdict Today’s reports suggest he might return to top-flight football later this year

“Willie Rioli and the AFL world are about to find out the long-awaited fate of his two drug tests The announcement is for today or tomorrow, “said journalist Kim Hagdorn on SportFM

“That comes from those very close to Rioli preparing his defense and the need for an appeal

“He has to ban two drug tests for four years, one in August 2019 and one two weeks later in September on a Thursday evening after a game

“He is facing a four year ban To the best of my knowledge, the messages and anticipation of close ties with Rioli are that he will play again this year”

“The feeling is that he’s going to receive a two-year ban, and the behind-the-scenes argument that won this case because it was significantly reduced by a four-year ban is perhaps why it went on for so long until the time comes This

The report comes after Eagles chief executive Trevor Nisbett said last week he expected a verdict “is imminent”

“Hopefully in the next two weeks we have at most one final result that we can tell everyone what it is and we can get Willie back on some kind of course back to football, but also to his meaningful life”Nisbett told 6PR

The veteran scribe Hagdorn reiterated his confidence in the view that Rioli’s ban would be half the maximum sentence

“I have been reliably informed that it will probably take two years Since it was rolled back to when he was first quoted and withdrawn from the game, the resumption would be in August this year, “he said

“My understanding is that ASADA made its decision and it did so in writing to the legal counsel, the entire paper, and so they know this is what we are getting into and they expect it to be two Annual ban ”

Rioli has played 38 games for the club, including the 2018 Premier League triumph over Collingwood

Willie Rioli

World News – AU – Willie verdict expected today or tomorrow: reports

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