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ICED! @Dylan_Cozens flies down the ice and gives @HC_WJC a 1-0 lead! #WorldJuniors BildTwittercom / dZPFlfQ5i5

Cozens scored his seventh goal of the tournament (and 13th goal) Point) to give Canada the lead in a 3-0 win. He was simply dominant in his first five games of the tournament and is fighting against Trevor Zegras for the MVP of the World Juniors

Even though he only finished the game with one goal, that doesn’t mean he didn’t have high quality chances

Cozens also assisted Bowen Byram on goal with a second assist when he hit a grazing crab that shot a shot into the net Byram picked up the ricochet and walked back before passing a laser past Nick Malik

Bowen Byram (@ Avalanche / @ WHLGiants) scores his first goal of the tournament to make it 2-0 in Canada, helping Dylan Cozens (@ BuffaloSabres / @ WHLHurricanes) and Peyton Krebs (@ GoldenKnights / @ WHLWpgICE) (: @TSN_Sports) #WorldJuniors picTwittercom / JdYssdD1RU

With at least two games remaining, Cozens is in sixth place all-time at the World Juniors for Canada, followed by Eric Lindros ’31 points by nine points

Jack Quinn had a very good game defensively. He was very good at his backcheck and very good at the defensive zone. I think an underrated part of his game (at least for me) is how good he is with his racket in board battles and in the Defensive zone is Quinn had some great opportunities playing most of the game with Quinton Byfield (2020) and Jakob Pelletier (2019) With Ryan Suzuki and Philip Tomasino (2019) he played most of the third round

Offensive, I thought the great Lauren Kelly (Elite Prospect and FC Hockey Scout) summed it up best

He looked very much like he did when the Canadian fights started a month ago tonight: passive with very simple games in the offensive zone, which is probably why he saw him get demoted to Suzuki and Tomasino for the third time finished the game with no points, one shot and 14:14 Ice Age

John-Jason Peterka’s tournament ended with a fantastic 2-1 game against Russia.The Peterka / Stuetzle / Elias line continued their dominance by recording the only goal (Elias scored without support) and the tournament with 13 of the 15th Goals that Germany scored overall

Although he did not receive any support for this goal; Peterka had an excellent zone entrance and drove into the network, which led to Florian Elias’ gate

Florian Elias pulls the puck from Rodion Amirov and scores his 4th Place at the #WorldJuniors Nice ride by John-Jason Peterka in front of gate 2-1 BildTwittercom / xL5CB65lYk

Peterka was involved in some chances that made the game almost a draw. He had a semi-breakaway early in the third period which he couldn’t take advantage of when he was caught from behind

What a chance JJ Peterka (BUF) en semi-breakaway qui était pas loin de soffrir l’égalisation #WorldJuniors picTwittercom / DXg5GPWSGt

Florian Elias almost fired a shot from Peterka, who hit the crossbar in the third half and could also have tied the game

This was a hell of a tournament for Peterka He ends with 4 goals, 10 points in just 5 games He always looked like a great north / south player who got a heavy shot but in this tournament he looked like a creator of opportunity and doing well himself If he moves to the DEL for the remainder of the season, it’s not surprising that he continues his upward trend and moves to North American hockey next year

Ryan Johnson had one of the most impressive performances I have seen of him in the tournament from start to finish. He was enormous in transition, was an unwavering man in the defensive zone and has started to show some offensive skills that were in his draft for an eligible year were expressed

After a nice PP goal from Kaliyev, supported by Boldy; Ryan Johnson helped Team USA score their second goal

Sometimes the needle threading isn’t perfectly clean Ryan Johnson’s shot ricochets through a mass of bodies into the net for the second U Tor ImageTwittercom / HEoqYImSfJ

One notable difference between Johnson’s play from last year through this year was his aggression in choosing his spots to get into the transition and offensive zone, perhaps this next clip will require a mythical poll as commentators on the NHL Network debated that Johnson should have shot the puck (I claim he had the right idea, just needed a better pass), but games like this were rare last year:

My favorite game that Ryan Johnson played all night was this zone entrance and pass too:

Do you want to hope for Johnson? Games like this (controlled entries when passing and not when chipping off) are becoming more and more common compared to last year’s pictureTwittercom / BRmK0NOv5r

The United States was founded by John Farinaccis (3rd Round 2019, Arizona Coyotes) topped two goals while both Bobby Brink (2nd round) Round 2019, Phliadephia) and Trevor Zegras (1 Round 2019, Anaheim) added two assists each, Cole Caufield, Arthur Kaliyev and Matthew Beniers (empty net) scored the other three goals

Sweden scored the first two goals with one from Lucas Raymond and this beauty of a goal in the power play by Elmer Soderblom:

Between his legs and to the back of the net What a beauty goal for Elmer Soderblom @Trekronorse now 2-0 against @leijonat #WorldJuniors picTwittercom / axpuTJyFdj

Finland dominated the last two periods against the Swedes 27-13 and fought their way back with goals from Henri Nikkanen and Anton Lundell to end the game in the third period

The game was decided when Roni Hirvonen, the prospect of Toronto Maple Leafs, scored that goal by less than a minute to give Finland the lead and seal the win

IIHF World Juniors

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Source: https://www.diebytheblade.com/2021/1/3/22211008/2021-iihf-world-junior-championships-quarter-final-recap